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Its finals week- so I wanted to go ahead and post about what is going on this week a little earlier than at the end of the 3rd week mark...

back- clearing (almost completely clear besides red marks and slowly fading bumps that you can't really see, but that I can feel on my back)

face- cysts are clearing, SLOWLY. So slowly. The bp is helping (still only spot treating), but I'm still getting other bumps on my face (not as bad as the cysts), so it is still not 100% clear at all.

Have been taking bactrim for a few days now (3? 4?) and going to take my first othro tri cyclen pill tonight. hopefully within a month or 3 everything will be either back to normal or I will be back to trying a different birth control pill.

I realy do beleive that my acne is hormonal...and probably stress induced too... it doesn't help that it is finals week...

in the mean time: drinking lots of water (have to anyway to take the bactrim) and trying not to completely junk food out over finals time (SO HARD, my body loves sugar when I'm stressed)

Everyone keep your fingers crossed that bactrim will help, because I don't want to have to ignore the pretty weather for a month all for nothing!


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