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Month 3 On The Regimen,q&a, Update,social Media,south Korea...



Hello everybody! I'm back!!! Did you miss me?

Lol, i'm just kidding! Long time no talk, and there's a lot to update, so let's just get to it!

Okay, first of all is the UPDATE!!

My skin has been doing great so far!! Like the regimen has been doing GREAT stuff i should say. Instead of using the regimen's moisturizer, I replaced it with Cetaphile because of the color which makes me look tan. Lol. The regimen "treatment" really does dry out all the living oils in the face which drives me insane. I really hate it when i feel peeling and it just looks like a snake. Goodness, so to get rid of the flakiness and dryness ( ness blah blah blah) i use a three-step method every 3 days. This method only works for 3 days and then flakiness comes back. So, first i mix jojoba oil and coconut oil and steam my face. After that, I use the Ukrainian-medicine thingy jigger(череда). I boil hot water & pour into a huge bowl( plastic salad bowl), then I add the herbal leaves of this Ukrainian medicine. BUT, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS, HERE'S ANOTHER METHOD THAT WORKS JUST THE SAME!!

Instead of the Ukrainian medicine, put green-tea, and chamomile tea together, let it sit for 3-5 minutes and do this method. TRUST ME, it works. I tried it.

Next, is the Q&A i've been promising you guys to do in a video but I won't be making a YouTube and i'll talk about that later. So here it is!!

1)How do I cope with flakiness?

- Well, I do the three-step method but before that, I was just walking around looking like a snake!

2) Am I going to incorporate AHA+ eventually?

- ha, No! I already answered that question to Michelle Reece. Here it is:

It say's in the directions to only use it 3x a week. If i do it every day, i can probably burn my skin because AHA+ increases skin sensibility to the sun and it's spring! Running season!! So, 2-3 times a week is PERFECT!!

I think those are all the questions for now! So, let's continue.


I will not be making a YouTube because there are a lot of reasons. All of them are personal so I won't explain myself. BUT, I do have an instagram but it's only a fitness one. Not an actual one, you know what i mean, Jelly bean?

Find me on instagram : fitness_food_quotes. Please follow me! I need support on insta.

For anyone who's first time hearing about South Korea, here is all the information.

So, technically on April 16,2014 300 HIGH SCHOOL students were going on a trip to the Korean Hawaii 'Jeju island'. 11 miles off shore, the ship made a sharp turn, and sank in 2 hours. Out of the 475 passengers on this ship, 174 passengers survived. As of today (14.4.25) 180 passengers died. 120 passengers remain missing!This is heartbreaking news to the parents and the rest of the world. They are still investigating how and why the ship sank so fast and still looking for survivors even though its been 9 days. I ask each and every one of you to pray for South Korea. I've been praying for a least one survivor ever since and I believe it's going to happen.

Please support this video :

As always, thanks for the support everyone. Please keep anticipating for new updates that i will post ONCE A MONTH, on the 25 day of the month like today! Anyway, thanks for reading and I wish you guys a clear face with no scars. Make it happen guys. Wishing you the best! Stay safe, God Bless

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