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Day 204--Pity Party



Hi all.

My face is still clear. Still healing. BUT I am so dry today.. It's the kind of dry that has dead skin ALL OVER MY FACE. I am on my lunch break now and I just looked in the mirror and saw how flaky my whole face was so I tried to rub the flakes off.. BAD IDEA eusa_doh.gif

I think this is stemming from three things: 1) I spent too much time in the sun this past weekend. Normally I don't burn at all. I didn't burn this weekend but my face was slightly red at the end of the day (but gone by the next morning). I think this may have caused my top layer of skin to shed. 2) Last night I thought it would be a good idea to use a facial scrub. I used it so gently but it has clearly made my face so much worse. I used the sea salt scrub by Lush. Worst idea ever. For the record, I normally like this scrub when not on Accutane, and some people report that it has actually helped to completely clear their acne. I should have just used my oil cleanser. 3) I've been using some BB Cream (it's like a light foundation w/ sunscreen and healing properties--check it out!!) since I don't need all the coverage of my regular foundation anymore. However, you have to really rub the BB cream into your skin for it to blend and that really just made my whole dryness situation that much more obvious. Plus I bought this BB cream back before I started on Accutane--back when my skin was OILY. I believe this BB cream is only good for oily skin. So, I'm a dope. I just want to go home and oil cleanse right now to get all this crap off.

Anyways, I'm in my office on my lunch break and now I just want to go home because my face looks terrible right now. Yes, it's 100% clear (and I am so grateful for that) but it looks so disgustingly dry and appears as though I've caked on a bunch of makeup, which I haven't.

Boo hoo. Poor me. eusa_wall.gif


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my face has been peeling a lot lately too. i've been using cetaphil's daily advance ultra hydrating lotion every morning and night. I sometimes have to apply around mouth, chin and cheeks in the afternoon if it is really bad. I also use a hydrating serum at night in addition to the moisturizer at night. I notice that the peeling is worse if I don't stay hydrated during the day so I make sure to drink a lot of water as well! Hope this helps...

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