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Week 7 - Another Week Down, No Better



It's hard being patient when your child is suffering. Actually, I think he's doing a remarkable job but it really is rough. He was off of school last week and I think we left the house twice and then only because we forced him. Around the cysts his skin looks good, but those cysts are huge. His back seems a bit better, but the scarring is severe. I do hope it simmers down and hopefully before summer.

As you can see, his skin is really starting to dry out. I keep telling him that's a good thing.

Off for bloodwork in the morning. His next appointment is on Monday when he should be moving up to 60mg.

He is going to Gettysburg with his scout troop this weekend. I'm a bit nervous about that, but his Dad will be with him to make sure he uses sunblock and takes his medicine.



That lump on his left cheek is one cyst? I have never seen a cyst that large. It must be excruciating both emotionally and physically. I have said this before but it bears repeating, you are a fantastic parent. You and your husband are very caring and attentive. When I noticed my daughter's face was breaking out I took her to a dermatologist right away and got her on some topicals and an antibiotic. I had severe acne as a teen. My cysts were not large but they were more numerous than what your son had. My forehead, nose, temples chin and cheeks were all covered in pea sized pimples. Monstrous. I finally found a regimen that worked, birth control pill, antibiotic and tretinoin. I was clear at 19. I wish I had stuck with it but my adolescent brain did not function properly so I realized to quit my meds as soon as my skin was clear. If I don't remind her everyday, my teen daughter will forget to use her meds everytime almost. Hang in there...he already looks better. :)

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It's actually two. This morning, he leaned over and the thing sort of inflated again. I texted his dermatologist and we went right in and had some corisone injections. In fact, he injected the large one 5 times, the one below it twice, and a small one on his chin once. Then we went to have blood drawn for his monthly test.

He is going to start on tretinoin cream next week and we will up his dosage to 60mg. My son is shot and is sleeping now. I tried to get him to school, but really didn't have the heart to argue with him. He is so uncomfortable.

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The doctor also said that he is a good candidate to wind up having to go through two cycles of accutane to get this totally under control.

Thank you so much for your kind words. It really helps.

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I'll be praying for you and your son. To have to watch as he struggles can't be a picnic for you either. I am not a fan of prescription drugs but i think acne this severe needed to be addresses ASAP and you are doing that. I have been on 3 rounds of accutane which has unfortunately returned all three times. I am now using a topical to control my acne. My only recommendation in addition to what you are doing is to make sure your son is staying active (exercising) and is eating healthy. Dairy is sometimes a big trigger for acne, sometimes cystic. Also, have him drink lots of water to stay hydrated and cut back on sugar and junk. Accutane taxes the liver and the healthier he eats, the better the overall benefits. If you have any questions about this drug, feel free to PM. Keep your head up mama and let your son know he is not alone.

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Thank you for your reply. I read him your response and we put his Easter bunny on the shelf to eat when he clears up. He's not a very active kid to begin with and the Accutane is really causing him a lot of pain. I don't see much exercise in his future. He already drinks a good deal of water. He prefers it to anything else to drink. Dairy and sugar are tough - him being a 13 year old kid, but we are going to make more of an effort in curbing those things. I should too!

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Depending on where you live, what country are you in?

Im in Aus and we have it at all chemists and some grocery stores.

If not, just google it in your country and you can buy it online, or on Ebay.

For me, it cleared my acne. If it doesn't help on the acne side of things, it will definitely take away the soreness and redness.

Goats Milk has the same pH level as human skin and contains vitamins A, C & E - thats why it is so good for our skin! It is also used widely here to treat eczema.

Here is a site for one brand here, check out the testimonials:


And this is the site for the products I use:


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