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I finished my second week of Accutane yesterday and the side effects have been rolling in this week haha!

I had a bit of a crazy week this week, I've been trying to plan my sisters hen party which we celebrated on Friday/Saturday, lets just say I'm bloody happy it's over!

As i said before, I've been enjoying a wide range of side effects this week, the worst being the whole of my mouth peeling. Literally, when I wake up I can swipe a towel around the inside of my mouth and it comes out covered with little rolls of white skin, TMI but it's the worst feeling. My scalp has been getting SO itchy too which I'm not too bothered about but I think I should probably buy some sort of anti dandruff shampoo, although I'm reluctant to buy Head N Shoulders because I know it fades dyed hair, or so I've heard.

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with Accutane, as it feels too early to be experiencing it, but my back has started to hurt when I bend in certain positions, I remember experiencing joint pain last time I was on Tane but I don't remember it being this early on.

In conjunction with this, I'm starting to get the weirdest chest pains, not so much pains, but like a tightness whenever my heart rate goes up, like when I laugh or something? It's not unbearable and I know that chest tightness has been recognised as a side effect but I will definitely let my derm know when I next see him.

As far as my skin is going, it's still quite similar to last week. I have continued to get the odd people which always seems to be on my left cheek? My right cheek is virtually clear but my left cheek is really bumpy? My derm said I should be clear by week 4 so I'm clinging onto that. I was really struggling with dry skin last week and was in a mad search for a moisturiser that would even remotely help and I came across Eucerin Replenishing Face Cream 5% urea in Boots. I picked up the night cream to just try out but have actually been using it in the daytime too. This stuff is the dogs bollocks!!! It's not majorly greasy and does get absorbed fairly well but if you use it with a heavy hand you do end up with a tres shiny face! Before, I would wake up with patches of dry flakey skin and would really struggle when putting on make up, my foundation would cling to my dry skin and just look generally rank. I basically dont have dry skin with Eucerin, I havent seen any flakes since I've been using it and its a total life saver if you want to wear make up. I'm definitely going to purchase the day cream and see how that is but the night cream has a permanent place in my beauty cupboard!

This has been a bit of a boring rambley blog, but to summarise, my skin isn't bad but it's not good. Lets hope week 3 brings me clearer skin!


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If you need some shampoo to kill dandruff, you should try something that has Ketokenazole, it's the best thing for dandruff it saved my life twice! You leave it on your hair for 10 mins and rinse away, you use that every other day for a week and then once a week 'til dandruff's gone/better. Though I think it strips off hairdye but you use it less than usual shampoo.

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I've been on accutane for 2 weeks and I'm experiencing the weak bones side effect. It's annoying because it made me lose motivation to lift weights. And as for the dry skin on your mouth, I bought some Neutrogena moisturizer that works well for that.

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