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Accutane/clavaris Day 70



Hello all, it feels good to be this far into the course, especially since the last week has been pretty easy on me compared to the weeks before that. I'm going to break it down week for week like I have done before.

(i started accutane with 4-5 bad cysts, although I was getting persistant moderate acne for along time, nothing ever worked after battling acne since i was 19, im 25 now)

Week 1- Skin cleared rapidly - also my face turned pretty red which masked all my marks(knda nice) but face was itchy - i was told I looked like i had gotten a sunburn but it made me look so much better, i actually was in super high spirits

week 2- started to break out with a ton of whiteheads around mouth/chin, i thought/hoped that was the initial breakout lol - face still red, lips/face/scalp getting dry - 5-10 hairs falling out a day which scared me, i saw hairs on my pillow and when i showered...this was the scariest part of my experience so far

week 3- the mouth/chin whiteheads started to slow up but were still present, this week I had gotten 3-4 bigger cysts on my cheeks, very visible and ugly. My face still red but not as red, 5-10 hairs still falling out per day, lips still very dry, face dry but manageable with lotion, had dry eyes for one day...also got really thirsty for a few days here to

week 4 - Skin cleared up here similar to week 1 but not as rapidly, I was left with the marks from weeks 2 and 3 but almost starting to get some confidence back - on top of that my hair stopped falling out and I didnt look as red(some days i looked redder than others) -- lips still dry, face dryness easy to manage

week 5 - Bad break outs on lower/upper cheecks as well as jaw line - this was rough -- I thought my IB was over well it wasnt!

week 6 - Bad break outs continued - depressed from acne, not accutane - still had hope (i knew the drug had to run its course)

week 7 - this week was just eh-- a few new pimples but just looked awful from the weeks past and the few news ones inclding forhead pimps which i dont get usually

week 8 - Only had 2 cysts this week, older acne starting to fade - side effects are pretty much unnoticeable except dry lips

week 9- no acne at all this week!!! old acne getting flat -- broke out like craazy on my neck ..4-5 cysts..i was ok as long as it wasnt my face

week 10(this week) - 2 white heads under my eye brows, one white head in the corner of my mouth, and a small cyst on my cheeck -- neck acne starts to ease

Loving the progress but the red marks are terrible, they wont fade on accutane it seems but no complaining over here!! Ill update soon again!!


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Your skin sounds like it's making a lot of progress!!! I'm really happy for you! :)

Try hydrocortisone cream if they are red/itchy. Otherwise, I have been using Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer ($15 but WORTH IT!) (won't clog pores) and a bit of clear (thick) Antibiotic Cream ($4) similar to Neosporin on top of the moisturizer to seal in the moisture overnight.

Hope these help? Let me know!

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Hey there. How you hanging on? I'm really struggling through these breakouts. It calms down then flares back up. I wish the breakouts would stop so that the red marks would have a chance to fade.

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dont worry ..for me accutane has been a series of breaking out and clearing up, breaking out and clearing up...and while each break out seems to be better its looks jst as bad or worse then before becuase all the left over red marks...i definitley had a bunch of times i felt the struggle, even yesterday i wke up to 3 new ones but there going down fast..keep it up!

Hey there. How you hanging on? I'm really struggling through these breakouts. It calms down then flares back up. I wish the breakouts would stop so that the red marks would have a chance to fade.

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