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Face Mapping?



There's this thing for acne called face mapping that tells you why you're getting acne based on the location of your pimples. I've heard that what you're putting on your skin is only about half of the solution to acne. I've also heard that eating certain food isn't scientifically proven to cause or cure acne. I have to say that this actually helped with my acne. I use to have a lot of pimples on my forehead and now I only have one blemish in that area. This area cleared up in a week!!! I was looking up face mapping on the Internet and decided to give it a try. Why not? What was there to loose? I wasn't paying for any products that could ruin my skin even more. I started to drink 8 cups of ice cold water everyday and it really helped with my skin. The combination of taking care of the inside of my body as well as my skin really helped to clear my skin.If anyone wants to check it out an informative website is:


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Interesting. My bacterial infestation was so severe. I needed massive doses of antibiotic. I only recently stopped taking massive doses. I am interested in face mapping because I breakout only on my chin and recently, a bit on my cheeks. Forehead and temples clear. When I was a teen I had acne all over my entire face. I am on hormonal treatments now. I understand there is a long wait for these treatments much like accutane. I could be looking at 6 months before I see a dramatic clearing. Thanks for sharing. :)

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