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1. Why Me?



Lately I've been trying to find out why and how my acne started. I'm an 18 year old guy and I've had it since I was 12/13 like most people on here. The severity of my acne has increased in the last two years.

What bugs me the most is the fact that I spend ages trying to look after my skin no matter what I do it ends up the same. And then there are my friends who have perfect skin and do everything the 'rulebooks' say you shouldn't.

Throughout the last two years I initially had success with natural home made masks but lately they haven't worked and have irritated my skin more by drying it. I experimented with honey, turmeric, tomatoes etc. Last November I started using benzoyl peroxide and was exited when I started it after looking at reviews but then around 4 weeks in, I started to read reviews of how bp prolongs scars and, perhaps naively, gave up.

Since then I have tried the caveman regime and it was helpful but then every time I trim my facial hair it always leads to a spot. Shaving was worse.

The thing is that I never minded spots as they never used to leave scars on my face. But my skin character seems to have changed and now any spot I do get leaves a scar that is visible and stays for ages.

How can you get rid or hide your scars? And have any guys ever used make up? It seems silly but I feel that the only healer of my acne and the scars is time. And I'm just hoping by the time I start uni, it'll look better.


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Unfortunately some of us just got unlucky when it comes to our skin. I think it's just genetics. Do you only get acne where you have facial hair? By scars do you mean an actual indentation in the skin or redness (hyper pigmentation)?

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dude seriously get to the dermatologist now - get prescribed antiobiotics or accutane if you really wna stop you acne..its not an external problem its an internal problem youl never beat it w topicals

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