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Week 4

Cali C


Almost to the end of my first month...it seems like it's going by so quick! My skin is definitely clearing up! I can tell a huge difference, especially when I put on makeup. It no longer takes me 30 minutes to do foundation, concealer, powder, and then touch ups. My scalp is ridiculously dry but sulfate-free shampoo is helping and I only wash my hair once a week. Kinda gross, but before Absorica I was only washing it 2-3 times a week and hey, it's not forever. I swear I am addicted to Aquaphor though! I keep one beside my bed, in my car, at work and my boyfriend has even taken to carrying one around in case I forget mine. Speaking of my boyfriend, he has been AMAZING through this whole process. He would tell me I was beautiful when I was crying because my skin was broken out and I felt disgusting and he said he would support me taking this medicine if it would make me feel better. Poor guy, I tell him all the gross details of this (dry scalp, cracking lips, you name it). Anyway, I have noticed my knees hurting a little bit, but nothing Tylenol won't cure! Strangely enough, my ears are dry....weird. Like the inside and the lobes. I've read on some other people's blogs that they had this side effect so I guess it's normal. Bad news of this week: My insurance company (Coventry) sent me a letter saying they will not cover this medicine after this month. They suggest doxycycline as an alternative. I've called my doctor and she told me to bring the letter when I go back. I'm so nervous! This is my second round of isotrentin so I'm well aware of what works and doesn't. Hope to get this resolved asap. I still have blackheads on my cheeks and nose but even they are fading. On a side note, I've read some comments on people's pictures that say "Oh, your acne isn't even that bad". I think it's totally unfair to tell someone how bad they are suffering due to this condition. I know it personally has kept me from social activities (swimming? Um, no thanks my makeup would have washed off!) as well as being as outgoing as I would like. I joined this site to find people who shared the same problem as I do, not to gauge how "bad" my acne is. It's all bad, it sucks. Well, now I'm off my soapbox! :)


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