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April 17, 2014

Erica Xu


One week on the regimen!

What happened:

I've already doubled the dose of BP during the first week. Works fine. Sometimes I apply 2 layers, sometimes just one.

I had a very minor breakout (2 pimples), but they disappeared faster than usual. However I think I need to be more gentle and probably use more BP. Still, only 2 pimples in a whole week is better than what I used to get.

I start to mix 10% AHA (Dan's) into the moisturizer. The first time I tried 50:50, and it hurt and I had some redness. Now I'm using something like 30:70 and it works great. Solves my whitehead problem (I used to get a lot of whiteheads right after washing my face). Guess they exfoliate well.

What's next:

Be more gentle. It's hard in the morning, because I'm in a hurry to catch the train to work and I share the bathroom with other people. Try get up earlier! (This morning, I only used AHA+moisturizer, because I didn't have time to wait for BP to dry.)

Use a whole finger worth of BP. I think it helps preventing acne.

Use Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate sometimes.

Carrot juice = Vitamin A. Orange and most fruits = Vitamin C. Good for skin!

I guess I'll keep using this routine and see what happens after another week.

And after next week I'll be going back to China. The change of environment may result in a breakout and I'm prepared for it.


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