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Why do you call yourself a "redneck"? Are you racist? Why is your profile pic of a guy, are you trans?we have a very diverse Acne.org community and we don't need or want any "redneck princesses" around. Stay ignorant down south in roach infested trailer parks...lol..!! What do you want to do, burn a cross in my yard, Redneck? I am multi-racial, does that bother you as a redneck because I do not care about stupid rednecks and their low-class lifestyles. I am sure you fly a confederate flag. Just a reminder, the North won the civil war so technically rednecks are losers! I can't imagine you have more than a 3rd grade education but the Civil War was when the South attempted to leave the Union. They got spanked and continue to perform dismally. You might find friends on stormfront a racist hate webspace. They will love your little "redneck princess" a$$!

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red·neck noun \ˈred-ˌnek\

: a white person who lives in a small town or in the country especially in the southern U.S., who typically has a working-class job, and who is seen by others as being uneducated and having opinions and attitudes that are offensive

See: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/redneck

red·neck [red-nek] Show IPA Informal: Often Disparaging.
an uneducated white farm laborer, especially from the South.
a bigot or reactionary, especially from the rural working class.
Also, red-necked. narrow, prejudiced, or reactionary: a redneck attitude. Synonyms: biased, narrow-minded, intolerant. Antonyms: fair-minded, open-minded, broad-minded, tolerant, unbiased, impartial.

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Im not rasit in anyway i dont hate hate anyone because of there skin color, im a redneck because i like to hunt and fish and country music mud and nascar also am very smart and tht is a redneck sterotype and would never burn anyones lawn, i dont have anything againest african americans and i dont celebetate the confedrate flag i raised to be a southern belle so i do celebrate the confedrate flag , also im not trans gender my profile picture is my favortie singer. Im sorry of i afended you but i have nothing againest anyone @leanna123

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