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I Need Advice Pleassssee

I'm in middle school so I'm have puberty and that means acne and I need help I have acne on my t zone and I wear foundation to school church hanging out with friends any time I go out to cover up my acne but I HATE makeup I look around at school and none of the other girls have to wear makeup to cover up acne and I wish I had clear flaw less skin like the rest of them and ppl have made fun of my acne and having to that problem really puts me down I have used proactive which worked at first that stopped and made my acne worse and I tried proactive plus and that made my acne even worse today I went to the doctor and I'm going to try epiduo I hope it works but if anyone has any advice it would really help thank you


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thats topical stuff isnt going to work if you truly have the acne bug. The reason is acne does not come from the top its comes from with in. Go to your dermatologist and get prescribed antibiotics or accutane.

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I suffered from moderate but persistent acne for 7 years. ALL through middle school and high school, and even most of college. I wish I would have asked my parents to truly consider Accutane sooner. My accutane caused me to miss out on a lot of things for SEVEN YEARS. it also ripped apart my self-esteem after that long of dealing with acne.

My mom flat out said no to me taking Accutane when I was in high school, and finally in my Junior year of college she realized that this problem was not going away and that I had tried EVERYTHING, and that Accutane (despite the risks), was something I wanted to try.

Talk to your dermatologist and see what your options are. I will say that I tried almost EVERYTHING--antibiotics, topicals, cleansers, moisturizers, different diets, regiments, birth control for hormone regulation, etc, and nothing has helped like Accutane is helping me.

For makeup--is your skin excessively oily, dry, or a combination? Do you only get a lot of oil in your T-zone? Let me know and I can give you suggestions!

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