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So, I don't know if it is my initial breakout or if it is because I haven't been on my antibiotic for a couple of weeks now, but my skin is crazy broken out! shrug.gif Everyday I have sooo many whiteheads all over my chin and above my upper lip! Crazy! (and quite stressful) BUT I guess this is what happens before things get better. Only time will tell! How's everyone else out there doing on there Accutane journey?!


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i remember in the first weeks most of my breakouts were white heads around my mouth and chin..so its definitely working for you..im on day 65 and I have like 2 active but my face is definitely pretty marked up...your gna go through battle but whats a few months of non stop acne compared to years of clearness..this treatment definitely takes patience, focus and a positive outlook. If you cant stand being held down by acne and have had it up to here w it controlling your life then its the treatment you need! Its ok to be in a bad mood sometimes as long as you can pull your self up and realize its all apart of the process. And just when you think its getting better more gets pushed out..so always be ready and dont get to comfortable until you've been clear for weeks...your doing good so far! Keep going, keep blogging

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Thanks musicvisuals! Your comments definitely help! And you are right...acne has controlled my life and I'm ready to take control back! I'll keep going! Thanks again!

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