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Day 6

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog. So basically, this blog is about the topical acne product called Tactuo (Epiduo in the United States) and how my face reacts/adjusts to it. I've read plenty of reviews on the product and only 2 blogs from people who have recorded their daily progress on the product, and so I've decided to do the same!

I'll be writing new entries daily-weekly on my experiences with Tactuo/Epiduo [on my face] and hopefully my they will help those who are either considering using the product or is already on the product. And so, before I move on, let me tell you a short profile on myself and my 'acne journey'...

  • I'm 23 years old, Asian, and live in Canada. I have had this constant battle with acne since I was 11, however there have long been periods where my skin was, fortunately, great (UNTIL NOW )
  • When I was 11, and started noticing acne on my face, I bought every over-the counter and "high end" product that you can imagine, such as Clearasil, Clean and Clear, Loreal, Vichy, Clinique, and Pro-Activ. I'm sure there were more but in general, though some of these did work out for me, my clear skin only lasted a few months before it started to breaking out again.
  • I first went to my doctor when I was 13 and she prescribed me two products to help with my face: Spectro gel (for blemish-prone skin) and Clindoxyl Gel, and for the most part throughout high school my face was clear! I mean, I still got the small, initial breakout but I still felt confident on my face and how I looked.
  • However, when I became 18 my acne started flaring up again. And so, I went to the doctor and she had told me that I should start using birth control pills, along with the Clindoxyl Gel that I have been using. And so, my face reacted really positive with the combination of the two.
  • When I was 20, I started spicing up my regime a little bit. I replaced the Spectro gel with Aveeno's 'Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser' along with their 'Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer', and that method really, really worked out for me. I hardly got any zits at all in those three, years. And though I was still applying Clindoxyl gel and taking birth control pills, I really did feel like Aveeno helped clearing up my acne. And so, that lasted for a few years until last year, around June 2013.
  • I just came back from a 2-week vacation from Europe and I noticed that I was starting to get acne. But, I just kept doing my normal routine (the foaming cleanser, clindoxyl gel, then daily moisturizer), but as days went by, I would get a new pimple every day! Sometimes even two! And as weeks went, little by little my face only got worse.
  • And so last month, I had went to the doctor (a new doctor, as well) and he had told me that I had mild-moderate acne -- he told me he hardly saw acne. But I told him that my face hasn't reacted like this in a very long time, and so that is when he prescribed me Tactuo (Eipduo).
  • And that has lead me to create a blog and post regular entries on the progress and effects that this product has and will have on my face

And so, the picture that you are looking at was taking on Day 6 of using Tactuo/Epiduo. My face looked really clear and when I would wash my face I did not feel a single bump. However, if you notice that crusty-ness on the side of my lip, that was the beginning of this bad experience..

The next day, the crusty-ness on the side of my lip developed into a really, really bad cut. It was really hard to eat because whenever I had to stretch my mouth, it would hurt SO bad. Not only that, but my nose area, below my eyes, and my eyelids felt very, VERY raw, to the point that it would sting REALLY bad whenever I applied moisturizer. In addition to that, my skin was really red and peeling like CRAZY around my mouth and nose. Essentially, the first week and a half was TERRIBLE as I was experiencing both the burning feeling and raw, tight feeling on my face. And so, I decided to stop using it and just exfoliate my face gently every night with a rubber exfoliating brush, and that really helped with the peeling as it would gently scrub away the dead skin.

And so here I am! I will post a new update either tonight or tomorrow. I have prepared 2 more photos that were taken today, just because day 6 was 29 days ago, so I desperately need to update you guys..

I have read reviews that have said that they have experienced the same thing but honestly, it was a very intense experience that week. At first I thought I had been allergic but I'm still using it and I don't really see any dryness or feel any raw feeling on my face anymore. Weird eh?

And there ya have it! I hope this first blog entry was sort of helpful? I hope that I'm not alone in this.. if so, I should probably stop using it because my face -- a little spoiler here for ya -- has not been doing well, AT ALL.

Okay, thanks for reading guys!! If you have any questions and/or comments, please feel free to give a shout! I would like to hear everyone's opinions and experiences; we're all in this together we should all support each other!


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