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Hey there! My name is Selena. I'm from Texas and a senior in high school. I have acne (sigh) and acne scars (double sigh) oh but wait, I also have oily skin. (triple sigh!) I have had suffered from acne ever since my 7th grade year. I had a couple of pimples here and there, and before I knew it. It was aaaall over my forehead. It wasn't severe, but it wasn't mild either. I forced myself to get bangs to hide the acne. And it worked! (I also noticed I had started a trend, 'side swept bangs' at my school LOL!)

After a while it went away naturally. I was happy, so happy. Then I entered 9th grade, I remember having a few minor acne, but it wasn't a major concern. At the end of my freshman year, my acne worsened. It was spreading through-out my right cheek very badly. Unfortunately, through-out my sophomore and junior year I had endless amounts of comments of my bad skin from my FAMILY. My own family, how sad? Yes, I know..

I had a couple of comments about my skin from a few coworkers, and it really did hurt my feelings. My acne is my biggest insecurity. I remember looking at myself and thinking bad about myself, crying myself to sleep because of my acne.

I love watching YouTube videos. Ever since I was in 8th grade, especially Makeup Videos. I came across a girl talking about a Regimen from Acne(dot)org. I did a lot of research about The Regimen. I could never afford it because I had no job. It wasn't until I recently saw that Dan was giving away a travel sized, FREE, acne kit with a $5 dollar shipping. I was so excited for the kit to arrive because I felt it was the last thing I could do. I've tried many different over-the-counter products from Walmart and no success. I've tried natural remedies, don't get me wrong, they were pretty good for the most part but it wasn't showing extreme results, just minor results every week. (And, the oatmeal/honey/yogurt natural remedy was pretty messy!)

So the kit arrived yesterday and I didn't get to try it until last night, 04/10/14, and this morning, 04/11/14.

I wanted to create this blog on my journey to clear skin, because I hope it might help someone out there with 'similar' skin to mine, and help them decide whether or not they will like to try The Regimen. Thanks for reading and have a nice day y'all :)



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