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Is That Aids?



Not long ago I was out shopping with my mom. Department stores where it live are filled with young girls who just follow you around. I went into one and the girl that chose to follow us called me aside and asked me what she should use on her acne. Now she had really small inflammatory lesions on her face, no marks or scars. She said "I started getting these things on my face lately. You know what causes it? Is it AIDS?

The first thing I thought was that there must be other people walking around looking at me thinking what's making me break out is AIDS before I even though "wow, this girl's so stupid."

So now not only is my skin bad because I eat too much sugar/salt/oil/soda/fries and never wash my face but it's also bad because I have AIDS. **** ** **** **** ****

I know people will generally look at someone in my society who has bad skin and assume their unhealthy but this was new to me. Now I have another reason to be ashamed of how I look.


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Hey woah! That girl may have high risk behaviors that could have exposed her to AIDS. I guarantee you, she is the only person on earth who thinks that AIDS causes acne. Just let that one slide! But seriously, did you give her any advice?

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I told her to go see a doctor. Honestly her acne looked mild enough to be cured with some bp and a mild wash, a little less makeup. But, I think she needed to speak to a professional.

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That was you being the bigger person. Right on! I have been confronted about my acne a few times. I was very resistant to treatment, which I now can see was part of my mental illness. I began to think that my acne was just a part of me. Very sick, hopeless etc...I found clarity again and got back on meds once I left a threatening abuser who threatened to dice me and ice me. Then pour the mixture into hydrochloric acid. Got a restraining order.

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Oh my, I'm so sorry. No one should have to go through that. I'm happy you got out. People like that can really mess with your self esteem and change your whole view of yourself.

You deserve to feel good about yourself. Everyone deserves to look in the mirror and like what they see.

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