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Week 3

Cali C


Week 3 has been pretty uneventful. My scalp is still super dry; I've switched to a sulfate-free shampoo (Loreal) and it seems to be helping. I also added a Cetaphil moisturizer to my daily routine. I never used one before because my face was so oily and I always thought they made the breakouts worse. My jawline was my biggest problem area, I always had the big, painful, under-the-skin bumps that lasted for days and this week I have noticed it clearing up in that area. I still have like a million blackheads on my cheeks, though. I have begun to break out around my mouth a lot, which is gross I feel like I look like I have herpes. I think it's from slathering on Aquaphor a million times a day, but who knows. My eyes have been bothering me too, but since it's spring it may be allergy related. I'm actually surprised at the progress my face has made this far. Round one of accutane I remember crying thinking 'after a month shouldn't it be getting better?!' but I was very uneducated. So now, I kinda feel like this is the calm before the storm. Whatever it is, I really don't care I'm just glad my face looks better! People would always tell me I look young for my age (28) and I would think "Yeah because my face is broken out like a teenager's!" Can't wait to see what week 4 brings!!


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I have a lot of breakouts around my lips too! It's awful! Not using Aquaphor yet though...I'm hoping things start clearing up soon. Still very early for me, only day 6..

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Good luck to you! It's an adjustment at first and the results may seem slow but trust me it can change your life for the better. Drink lots of water and don't use chapstick, it drys your lips out even more. Best wishes :)

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