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Little Dots All Over



Hi guys!

I love beauty and makeup but sadly I have been breaking out! It's terrible! I have a pic attached for u guys to see. I have tried every product that the drugstore sells and nothing works! I cleanse, exfoliate and tone, I've used benzoyl peroxide, witch hazel, salicylic acid, and many more! Please help!


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I am glad you are reaching out for help. Based upon my own experiences, when acne is stubborn and won't respond to over the counter treatments, it is time to bring in a dermatologist. Do you have health insurance? If, not try to get some. I think you would benefit from a retinoid like tretinoin, an antibiotic like amoxicillin or cephalexin and a benzoyl peroxide treatment like acanya. Also there is a hormonal treatment called spironolactone which I just recently started and it seems to be reducing my skin's oil production. keep looking and be open to trying new things. It may take months to get clear skin but it will happen. I never though my skin would be smooth and clear, but it is. Yeah, I have some scars but you can only see them up close to my face. They don't even show up in photos. I use every medication available to me everyday and I see results. I have been 90% clear 90% of the time for over three years. And I had severe acne before that and I mean SEVERE!! Mostly around my chin and cheeks. I was in serious pain everyday. Then I finally got health insurance for the first time in two years and wham, I hit acne hard. I started off taking massive doses of amoxicillin. This reduced the bacteria to a level where I could manage my acne with topicals and hormonal treatments.

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That is how my acne looked after I had to take sterioids when I got sick. My derm told my that it is called dull acne and that your skin needs to exfoliate to get rid of it. I would def suggest going to a derm and getting put on a retinoid. That is the only thing that worked for me because after I got off of the sterioids nothing I used previously would work at all so I totally understand what you mean. I am on Epiduo right now and that got rid of those little bumps within two weeks. Half of them were gone the first week and at the end of the second all of it was gone. Your skin has to exfoliate and it won't happen with a scrub or over the counter stuff. I tried all that stuff. If you don't have a derm ask your regular doctor to prescribe you either Epiduo (first option) or Retin-A. Try Epiduo first bc that works faster than anything I have ever used. The only thing with retinoids are that they may make you breakout first when you start using it because it is bring the trapped dirt and oils to the surface but the results after are totally worth it!

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