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My name is Jessica and i am a 27 year old African American women who has been dealing with acne since 18 years old. All through high school I had the clearest skin and did not even wear a drop of make up. Once my Senior year hit my acne came along with it. I have EXTREMELY oily skin and just about every hour I am blotting oil from my face.

I went to the dermatologist when I was 20 years old, and I have gone back for the past 6 years for different treatments. I have done antibiotics, differen, epiduo, finacia, proactive, over the counter, and pretty much anything and everything to try and resolve my acne. Unfortunately I also deal with hyper pigmentation which I think is even worst than my acne at times. I have become so self conscious with my dark marks that I constantly try to cover them up with concealer and that gets so exhausting. So pretty much I have been dealing with this cycle for the past few years, acne flare up, scarring, and trying to cover with make up.

Accutane is my last resort so I am hoping that this will cause my acne to go on dormant and than I can focus on my skin discoloration. I have already been to the dermatologist and was approved. I had to sign the Ipledge and get my blood taken and everything came back normal. I have to do a pregnancy test on April 26th and once that comes back negative I start my treatment first week of May. I am nervous but excited at the same time. I have heard about the side effects and I am hoping that extremely dry skin and chap lips is the worst of it. I have also read about the initial breakouts but my dermat told me if it gets bad she will prescribe me an antibiotic that doesn't counteract with accutane.

I really hope my body handles this well, as I have been going through changes and have a very busy summer ahead of me. (Moving, Weddings, traveling, and a new boyfriend :) who I hope will be supportive of me through this process.

Anyways if you visited thanks! And I will be sure to keep this blog updated.


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