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Week 1-Ish

Well, I never thought that I would be posting on an acne forum...but here I am.


I have had really horrible back acne for the past 3 years. I was prescribed tretinoin cream for it when it began, this always cleared it up within a month or 2. However, my current doctor decided not to prescribe me the cream and instead gave me clindamycin lotion. This didn't help (she didn't mention that I should also use BP with it...). So after a month of doing that, she put me on doxycycline. I have been on doxy for the past month. It cleared up a lot of the redness and irritation, at first. Now I still have a lot of pimples and not many doxy pills left (around 5). I am beginning to get very discouraged. I mean, VERY discouraged. I am 20 years old and just didn't think I would be dealing with this stuff at this age since I didn't have any acne as a teen, really...especially not on my back. I am too self-conscious to even wear anything that shows my back off in the slightest. It has become a wardrobe nightmare.

So now, I am using BP (10% since its just going on my back and not my face) with the doxy and I began that this past weekend, so I'm at the beginning of week 1 really. I thought it worked really well after day 1, but honestly at this point I think I am imagining any sort of clearing up because I want it to be true so badly.

What has been really frustrating is that I would rarely get acne on my face (around one or so a week, just regualr pimples) and now I have 2 giant cysts and at least 4 regular pimples on my face! I AM DEVASTATED. I really don't know what to do, I feel like the doxy is deestroying me.

So I put on some of the 10% BP on my face for the past 2 nights (spot treatment), the zits have gotten worse, and OF COURSE my face is super dry because it is such a high dosage. I don't know if I have time to go buy a lower dosage of BP for my face or not... so I might continue to use the 10% and hope for the best?


I work out 3-4 times a week and don't have time to take a shower right after I work out, so I have been using Noxema salycitic acid pads after my workouts on my back to get rid of the dirt/sweat. I know this is not ideal, and is probably a HUGE reason as to why I have the acne on my back in the first place, but I really can't change my schedule and I don't want to stop working out, thats even more unhealthy than the acne.

I eat pretty healthy. I'm not a health nut by any means (I eat pizza/pasta/taco bell every now and then), but I don't drink sodas, eat too much candy on a daily basis. I think I am just average to be honest. Maybe I will start working on my diet a little and see if that helps any, I know a lot of people really recommend cuttng out dairy and whatnot, so I will try to elimate as much dairy as I can.

I just got placed on nuva ring this past month. This might be a big reason for the cystic acne, I am not sure. Nuva ring doesn't have any things that say that it is super effective for acne prevention, but i'm also not sure if it causes much acne either. Its a change in hormones, so obviously it is going to do something. Just not sure if my face is just freaking out for right now or if this is going to be a constant thing.

Anyway, so basically: I am on BP/doxy/salycitic acid for my back and BP (too strong) and sometimes a swipe a salycitic acid pad on my face after I rinse it with water at the gym.


at least 30 pimples on my back, 5 that are inflammed heavily

2 cysts on face with at least 5 other pimples that are noticeable as well

Lets see where this goes....

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I have a tremendous amount of experience with acne treatments and I can honestly say that amoxicllin and cephalexin work better than any other antibiotics. I have been on minocycline, doxycyline hyclate, erythromycin and tetracycline (a bit better). My acne was severe and using those two antibiotics, amoxicillin and cephalexin cleared me for three years. Now I am on spironolactone. But before you give up ask your derm for amoxicillin or cephalexin at least 1,500mg per day. Good luck! :)

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