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1St Month On Accutane Finished

I'm pretty excited because I am officially done with my 1st month on Accutane.

Beginning Dosage

I did like 2 weeks taking one 30mg pill per day, but then my derm bumped me up to one 30mg pill per day, and 2 30mg pills every other day. (so 30mg total on odd days, 60mg total on even days).

Initial Breakout

I think going up this much was too fast in the first few weeks because my skin had a pretty BAD initial breakout. The breakout itself wasn't terrible, but the redness was AWFUL. I had 2 HUGE red marks--one on each cheek from zits (granted--that I had messed with), and red marks on my forehead and other parts of my face.

I Had HUGE, Embarrassing, Annoying Red Marks

After a week of being really gentle with my skin and applying moisturizer and aquaphor/ antibiotic ointment like clockwork, they got slightly better. Then for another week I really babied my skin and applied the same moisturizer at night with aquaphor/antibiotic ointment over it to seal in the moisture and help the skin heal. During the day I wore concealer over the red marks and some powder (that wouldn't make them worse or clog my pores). Finally after 2.5 weeks, the red marks are not even visible (but it took a good 2 weeks for them to go away).

The Red Marks Got Better

If an Initial Breakout happens to you, be patient. Ask for recommendations from your dermatologist (that's what I did) and be gentle with your skin. Ask your derm if it's best for your skin to decrease your dosage until your skin adapts to the changes and gets rid of the clogged pores.

Since Then...

I've been taking 1 30mg pill per day. My blackheads on my nose and around it went almost completely away. Whatever you do--DON'T SQUEEZE your nose after a hot shower/washing your face! Maybe not at all. A thin layer of skin on my nose completely peeled off and it stung a bit. It also wasn't pretty and took a few days to heal. However--my face is VERY CLEAR now (knock on wood). There's only one teeny tiny mark on the bottom of my right chin from a zit that came to a head and went away pretty easily. I was really proud of myself for not messing with it.

Let It BE.

If you can tell that you have a small bump and are getting a zit, esp on accutane, let it happen. Don't mess with it. Don't squeeze it or put any type of harsh topical on it. I left it alone but put a bit of toner on the spot with a Qtip. Then after a day, I washed my face and pressed a very warm washcloth up to the spot and it came to a head. It was gone within ONE DAY--what more could you ask for?

Very Very Small Inconveniences

-Some extra tiredness, but not much

-Joint stiffness/pain, but it's manageable

-Headaches if I don't drink enough water during the day/ when I take my accutane

-Slightly dry skin and hair, but manageable with the right products (see my post about products to use)

That's about it!

I see my derm tomorrow morning, so I'll update more after talking with her.

I'm going to ask if I should go back to 30mg on even days and 60mg on odd days (if my skin is ready for that)

Let me know if you have ?'s or where you are in your Accutane Journey! http:////dn4iqhjvtt39e.cloudfront.net/messageboard//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png


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Awesome! You know what actually worked for me with the red marks(a little)? Washing my face once a day instead, I know that makes it seem riskier for new breakouts but when you get far enough on accutane where you dont break out as much either way it seems to calm my face down a little more..just food for thought!

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Wow Im happy your skin is clear now!, Im scared of getting a huge breakout and dry lips because Im a cashier and I have to speak with people and look at them in the eyes it will be so horrible but I guess It will be worth it?

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Dry lips is always a problem on accutane, but the trick is to use a medicated lip protectant (like Carmex or Blistex) in one of the tiny round tub things and then a bit of aquaphor on top of that. This way, the cracks in your lips heal (or are prevented) and the aquaphor seals in that moisture that your lips need.

I really, really recommend both! (make sure to get the large tube of (regular) Aquaphor--NOT the tiny tubes called Aquaphor Lip Repair--that's a totally different thing).

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Wow Im happy your skin is clear now!, Im scared of getting a huge breakout and dry lips because Im a cashier and I have to speak with people and look at them in the eyes it will be so horrible but I guess It will be worth it?

Yes, even though I've had some small zits/ oil seeds come to the surface of my skin recently, they have now gone away and the tiny red spots are healing pretty quickly.

My skin has already gotten so much better and I'm going into month 3. Just know that other acne treatment paths take a while to work, too and are a lot less or aren't long-term. I realized that by doing accutane, I wouldn't just be trying a new medicine/topical/treatment for a few months to have it not work down the road--I would be spending a handful of months fixing my acne at the source of the problem and getting (hopefully) long-term results.

It's not for everyone, and the side effects can take some getting used to, but so far, it's the option and path I'm most hopeful about. Good luck and stay in touch!

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This was really insightful. Thank you! I've been suffering with moderate acne for over 16 years, and figured it was just one of those things I'll grow out of. I'm 30 (going on 31), and have just started accutane myself (coming up to the two week mark now, also on 30mg daily). The breakout has been painful, but reading other people's stories and journeys on here has really motivated me to stick with it.

How much longer do you have left?

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