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Day 78

Looking at pictures of my skin at the start of Spironolactone was......disappointing, to say the least. I've carefully chronicled my acne progress (or lack thereof) through pictures since the very first week of being on Spiro, and my skin is even worse now in every regard. Still dealing with cysts. Even more tiny breakouts. Even worse skin tone/quality. Even more redness and hyper-pigmentation.

I am super not impressed.

Currently, two things are happening:

a) I am experiencing more hormonal acne than before. Significantly more on my jawline.

b) I am getting a lot of little, 'normal' pimples.

So, when I see my dermatologist on Thursday, I'm gonna get two things done.

First, I'm going to get my hormones re-tested. I have a hunch that between Spironolactone, other medications I'm taking/have taken, supplements, and dietary changes, other hormones may have gotten thrown off. Plus, I need to see if my DHEA has changed at all.

Second, I'm going to make sure I get my Tazorac prescription filled again. I tried to get it dealt with at the pharmacy, but my insurance is fighting me every step of the way. So hopefully I can get that taken care of, and get samples in the mean time. Clogged pores are gross and irritating, even if not painful.

I'm really hoping to have a turn-around sometime soon. I've had acne for 8 years now, and I'm going off to college in the fall. I'd really like to have clear skin by then. I don't want being known as the 'girl with severe acne in middle school' and the 'girl with severe acne in high school' to turn into being known as the 'girl with severe acne in college'. I realize everyone gets breakouts and pimples, including (and perhaps especially) college students, but I wanna be cystic acne free. *sigh*



75 mg Spironolactone

Clearasil Face Wash

Cetaphil SPF 30 Oil Control Moisturizer

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I am sorry that spiro is not working out. :( Ask your derm to try either cephalexin or amoxicillin at least 1,500mg per day. That should curb the cystic acne. I used both of those antibiotics for 3yrs and I got a new face. I also use tretinoin and benzaclin. Keep trying! I am positive you will find a regimen that works for you. Acne is not impenetrable.

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