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Week 5 - Aarrgghh



This has been a hell week. The cyst explosion, joint pain, teasing..it's been rough. Five weeks on Accutane and it's getting worse. Please tell me this is going to get better soon. It's an awful lot for a 13 year old to go through.



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Ask his derm to put him on an antibiotic as well. amoxicllin, cephalexin or tetracycline should help with the cysts. Accutane does work, but it takes months. An antibiotic can have results in a matter of days in terms of stopping new acne from forming. I am no dermatologist, that is true but I have been dealing with acne prone skin for 20+ years. Good luck! :)

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Some ass at his school threw a pencil at his face today. She was "playing darts". Bitch. Sorry, but I'm so angry that he is being made fun of multiple times every day.

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If he stayed home and did online high school I think I'd kill him! He'll be fine once this Accutane starts doing it's job and clearing his skin. He only has two more months of school and then he will be off for the summer. He has three weeks of camp lined up and the entire month of August to chill before starting high school. He's considering a career in law as well.

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That is awesome! If I were going to give him any advice it would be this: Go to a local law school, have about $300.00 and buy a set of first year law school books. Begin reading them with a Black's Law Dictionary close at hand. The earlier he can expose himself to the law the better off he will be when he does start law school.


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