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So I went to my dermatologist yesterday after using the Differin cream once! I ended up coming out in a weird burn which Im sure is very normal but I wasn't sure so booked an appointment anyway. Between applying the Differin cream and booking and appointment with my derm I started to get loads of red spots across my left cheek which was another reason I called my derm.

Anyway, when I got to the appointment, he looked at my face and straight away said my skin was looking worse and asked if I wanted to go back on Accutane. THANK GOD! I was really stressing that he would tell me to carry on with Differin!

I'm on 20mg of Accutane each day, and have another appointment in 8 weeks time so fingers crossed this will do the trick. If it is anything like last time then I will be seeing clear skin in a couple of weeks! I have done so much more research this time around, and have found that eating a high fat meal when taking Accutane helps it to get absorbed? Let me know if there is anything you did while on Accutane that you found helped!

One thing I'm still really unsure about is cleaning my face. I've always been really hot on it and pre accutane was using the Clinique anti blemish bar soap and toner and then moisturising with the Clinique dramatically different moisturiser then every couple of days I would use the delicate Clarisonic head. Now I'm on Accutane I cleanse my face with Cetaphil but completely clueless as to what moisturiser to use. My derm wasn't keen on me continuing with the Clinique moisturiser as he found it broke people out, and when I mentioned about using Aqueous cream last time I was on Accutane he said he didn't find it to be very good. So I'm open to any suggestions on moisturisers/any other cleaning methods!

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