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My Acne After Two Weeks



Hello Everyone,

I'm 39 years old female. I never had acne until I turned 38. I have a very sensitive and dry skin. I never used makeup except lipstick. My breakout started a year ago when I started switching my moisturizers from one to the other. I got too carried away with the products I watched on TV that I wanted to try each one after the other. Also, I irritated my skin by using the mechanical scrub brush similar to the Clarisonic. The irritation continued as I put concealer on my pimples. It clogged my pores and my pimples got more red and irritated. The pimples lingered on both sides of my cheeks and forehead. After trying different soaps, exfoliating cleansers, and the likes, I finally decided to do a research for my acne and came across acne.org & the testimonials via YouTube. I made a decision to stop putting makeup and concealers on my face and ordered The Regimen. It's been two weeks since I started and I believe that the product is working to clear my acne. My acne are all dried up and my face is exfoliating. The Regimen is peeling my dead skin and cleared my acne. It is also effective on new zits forming. I use it morning & night per instruction. My progress is exactly as stated on the moderate to sever acne. Overall, I see improvements everyday I woke up. I plan to continue the treatment and looking forward to get my face back - clear & beautiful as it always has been before I messed it up with makeups & other formulas that triggered my acne. I'll probably post my actual pictures once I get the courage to show my face online. For now, patience is really important. Although I am optimistic about the results, I know that it will take time. Slowly but surely. I'm also happy the treatment did not irritate my skin even on the first week of use. My skin has adjusted to the dosage and I'm seeing new skin regenerate. For those who are frustrated on their acne. You should try this product and use it as instructed. The formula for clear skin is The Regimen + Time + Patience= Happy Clear Face.

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I always warn bloggers about cosmetic acne. I am sure some dislike me for doings so. But I now I feel vindicated. I never use make up and stick to one oil-free non-comodogenic Cetaphil oil control moisturizer. I let my skin adapt to it. I use Benzoyl peroxide twice daily also although mine is sourced differently. It is in the form of benzaclin. (Clindamycin Phosphate+5% strength benzoyl peroxide). Beautiful! For someone who has had severe acne, at times irritated and exacerbated by make-up (10+yrs ago I wore foundation and my skin was very highly damaged with constant acne). Anyway, we are around the same age. I just turned 39 and 40 is ahead. I now use spironolactone which is classified as a hormonal treatment. It blocks the reception of testosterone which causes excessive sebum to build up in the pores, leading to an increase in acne. OMG I cannot believe how long I have been battling acne. I first broke out at age 15. You are so lucky that it hasn't had its way with you for 20 years like mine. I hate acne. :(

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