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New/ Depressed :(



Hi guys so im new here, My name is Ashley and Im 18 years old. I had acne ever since i was in middle school. yeah thats a heck of a long time i had to deal with this problem :( my face went clear on and off but it was mostly bad, the only longest time it was clear for a year. every since breakouts starting getting worse and i couldnt get back the clear skin i been very very depressed lately. I litteraly cry every might, im angry at every little thing, food is my comfort and i avoid going out with friends or anywhere with family. I feel hideous i feel so gross when people look at the acne and some even ask what happend to your face? its soo sad :( Each day im sinking Im getting stressed and its causing more breakouts but i cant help it how can i not be stressed? i spent so much money on so many products that did not work :( i am gonna vist the dermatologist soon i hope it works like it did the first time because the second time i went the treatment did work I just lost hope. If you read this long blog thanks im so sorry i just had to pour this all out i just feel alone because i see so many girls with clear beautiful skin and im just there :(


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Aw I really feel for you. All of us here know how tough it is. I really hope you do visit the dermatologist soon and find a solution. Keep your head up!

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Ashley, Thank God every time with what you got !!

I will tell you scenario which changed my perception towards life and I am sure you will think you have everything in life. Do not waste human life by crying !

One of my friend met with accident and he lost both his legs and hands in it. You wont believe but i could not had guts to even face him.

I met him after 6 months and I was shocked. He was laughing so loud. I have neever seen anyone so happy before.

I asked myself either he is drunk or he is mad. This person do not have both legs and hands and how can he smile..

I told him i feel very sorry for him..He told me not to sympathize at all !!

I asked him why are you laughing and so happy ?


Hope you got my point ? You and Us got everything. then also we do not cherish what we have.

Acne will be over soon my dear. This golden time of your time will never come back

If person without 2 hands and legs can smile,,,we can smile and thank god for what we got..

I had soooooo bad acne but i do not have pimple now for 5 years...not even 1 pimple..this is ager where you will face acne..

Have patience, there is treatment for it..but word depression do not suit !!

Get out of your room, see sky, feel fresh air and tell yourself "I am lovely ""

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ive been in your shoes before to an extent(cuz im a guy). The plus side of suffering this much and dealing with this shitty card you were dealt is YOU WILL overcome this and when you do your levels of happiness will be greater then those around you, your confidence will be great and you will appreciate everything. You will love life, but you dont right now...you hate having to do anything, waking up, seeing people including family you havent seen in awhile, thats all understandable. You can try and love yourself, and sometimes you will, but on that sunny day when you look into the mirror you are not happy, its a huge berdon in your life and it seems like you are the only one that has to deal with it, I know.

My acne really stepped up around age 17, I took antibiotics and kept it at bay until 19 - from 19-24 I tried every antibiotic, topical lotion and diet I could find, nothing worked. I researched so much about acne I felt I knew more than my derm. The antibiotics all took between 2-4 months to kick in and kept me clearish between 2-6 months depenind on the pill but the truth is antibiotics do not heal your acne...they trick your brain to stop the process until your body is able to decode the antiobiotics, at the point the acne starts to come back and the oil you developed in your pores has collected...its going to come out one way or another, its just a matter of time.

I'm happy to say my acne is finally starting to clear up, but its not because I outgrew it. I would still have really bad acne if I didnt take the plunge and go for the only medicine the will truly cure the most stubborn acne, Accutane. I shouldnt have waited so long to take this but the internet horror stories scared me to much. Truth is only 3% have bad long term side effects, the other 95% all clear up(I know 5 people personally that took it, all successful). And out of people who take it 70% stay clear forever or at least itll never be that bad. Its because Accutane shrinks and dries out the pore, there for no oil is created, and when oil does get created there is no room in the pore for it to get clogged. Its the ultimate anti-acne treatment but comes with a price. Since the pores shrink the oil you currently have saved up in your pores will get pressed out, causing an initial break out than can last weeks to months, its was pretty bad for me but worth it now. Also dry face, dry lips, dry scalp and dry everything but that goes awat after the treatement.

What im saying is if you find yourself at 21 still stumped...save yourself the years of pain into your 20s and just take it. Good luck!

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