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Accutane Week 8



Hey, Sorry for skipping a week, I've been super busy with classes, and exams are right around the corner!


My skin on my face is smooth and flat and beautiful. I couldn't be happier. This last week I've been using tiny amounts of benzoyl peroxide around my chin and apples of my cheeks, because otherwise I would still be breaking out a little there.

My back is still breaking out mildly (under 20 spots). I'm a little worried that this is the best it will get. It doesn't seem to be getting any better or worse at this point.


-Eczema is now on my butt and thighs and stomach area, aswell as up and down both arms. When I'm good about moisturizing it goes down, when I forget it flares up. I'm not too bothered by it, although it makes my self-tanner go on blotchy.

-Hair is being difficult. I ran out of the conditioner I had been using - it was a 'once a week deep conditioner' - I was using it every day. My hair is as dry as straw and I keep wasting money on conditioners that aren't strong enough. I've resorted to only using hair masks and leaving them on in the shower for at least five minutes every morning, and the only heat I use on my hair is the hairdryer on the roots, except I curl my hair once every couple weeks. I'm using a l'oreal total repair 5 hair mask right now, if anyone's wondering. It's a good one!

-Nosebleeds still. Sigh. Also when I breath in through my nose it's VERY LOUD and it's been waking me up in the night. Weird, but true.

-I've been very tired and draggy and I get stiff very easily. That could definitely be school related though.


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