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Acne And Your Psyche



Hey guys,

What I wanna talk about today is how acne affects your everyday life.

Of course how and how strongly your skin influences what you do and how you do it depends entirely on you.

I personally know a lot of people dealing with acne, some of them with very severe cases. Some might expect them to be emotionally unstable and introverted, but they're not.

Of course there are tons of teenagers out there never leaving their rooms because they are embarrassed about the way they look. But for me, that was never the right way. I felt that if you change your personality because of your skin you let your acne win, you let it control your life.

I can't say that I am very comfortable with my looks. Just like every other person with severe acne I am self conscious and sometimes I feel like I can't take it anymore. Noone wants to admit it but we all feel the same way.

I, too, have caught myself avoiding mirrors, not even wanting to see my reflection in car windows. And yes, I hate taking photos and even more hate looking at them. But the question is not if you have those feelings, the important thing is how you handle them.

My acne might play a very very big role in my life, but it has never stopped me from going out with my friends, who are by the way very supportive and have helped me a lot, it has never stopped me from getting a girlfriend or being sociable. And that is what counts.

Don't let acne ruin your young life. If you are a nice person, no one will give a f*ck how your face looks. Always try to keep that in mind. Go out there and live a meaningful life!


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