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Horrible Flare Up



My son hasn't been feeling well the past few days. Yesterday we upped the Accutane to 40mg.

Tonight after dinner he threw up. The pressure of vomiting caused one of his cysts to inflate! It was terrifying. He was in a lot of pain and very scared.

I called his doctor and he said to use warm compresses and he will see him in the morning. He told us to keep him home from school tomorrow. He doesn't want him getting really sick.



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I had a beast in the same spot..took weeks to go away...now another tiny one popped up in the same spot..annoying and embarrassing but worth it for the freedom at the end of the treatment....remember the bacteria/oil is being forced out of the pore as it starts to shrink, the oil has no where to go..this can lead to the pimple getting massive because its clearly a clogged pore yet the bacteria is all pushing out at once and he def had a ton of bacteria saved up under there just waiting for its time..this pill really tests your patience..im on day 49 and id say its pretty bad almost worse so far...it must get worse before it gets better for most of us....all the oil we had stored in our face will be pressed out and when its all finally pressed out we will feel amazing to not see new acne again! as far as the throwing up...i honestly dont think thats related to the accutane, he might jst have a bug

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He hasn't been feeling well, so I'm sure that is what caused him to vomit. The doctor said that the pressure of him vomiting most likely caused it to happen. He gave him a cortisone shot this morning and told him to stay home today.

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Is your son on an antibiotic? Amoxicillin works really well for a time. I used it for 3 years with great success. Now I am on hormonal treatments. Unfortunately, there are no hormonal treatments for men and boys.

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