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One Week Follow Up On Reducing Bp



So for this week I only used BP at night. I was consistent except for Friday night where I skipped moisterizing, but that's not going to effect my results that badly. The first morning that I left the treatment out took some mental effort because the regimen has become SUCH a habit for me, but I absolutely loved it. It was like drinking water for the first time after a long day where you just couldn't find any. I couldn't fathom how I was about to put BP on such a dry canvas. Skipping this step was glorious. This continued for most of the week. Now I have faint "acne-on-the-horizon" that may or may not become full fledged pimples, but in the past I've found this goes away if I use BP consistently. I used BP again this morning due to that and I could definately tell reducing it to once a day for a week like that helped my flakiness--there was none. At all! Okay, maybe two flakes stuck in my hair MAYBE. However, SO MUCH BETTER. SO SO SO MUCH BETTER. Also? I was able to get ready in 15-30 minutes in the morning instead of 40. Crazy, right?

My conclusion is that my skin is not ready to go once a day on the BP acne-wise, but letting it take a vacation now and then is the key to reducing flake levels.

New Experiment

Now I'm going to try alternating between using BP twice a day and once a day, paying attention to my skin and its level of tightness and flakiness. My hope is that I can gradually reduce my need for the regimen or find the bare minimum I need to keep acne down until I grow out of it (which hopefully DOES HAPPEN at some point....)


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