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So I believe the cocoa powder and the 20 grapes are the cause for the itching cysts on my face due to the histamine

I am cutting out grapes, cherries, berries, avocadoes, tomatoes , spinach, kale for a two months then I am ging to slowly reintroduce them into my diet..

Today I have new spots but I think that is because of the biscuits. I am so cutting out wheat and gluten from now n

My face is a mess I dug my nail deep into one of the cysts and now there is a nail ident it looks seriously bad.

I need help for hyperpigmentation marks as well. I started the apple cider vinegar on a 1: 3 ratio i will boost it up later to a 1: 2. I am going to leave it on the whole day at school tommorrow as well. Then I am going to apply aloe vera straight from the plant. I used the tumeric but my skin is still yellow from it. I applied baking soda after to try and take away the yelllowness but that my skin so much worse prbably because of the alkaline nature of the baking soda

I have school tommorrow, my skin is just getting worse. I know that tommorrow i will have a deep pustule because my mum decide to mix milk with my oats. I lhad just poured them int a bowl and left them t g upstairs. I ate it but then afterwards she told me that she put the milk it, she thinks its a myth that milk cause acne. So so frustrated I wish my parents would be more understanding. My sister can eat junk crap and processed and still have mild acne. Why does everyone in my famiy have perfect skin apart from me.

I am going to buy some vitamin c soon

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Sorry I just wanted to say that i'm only going to be back after three months on here because I really need to concentrate on my as level exams. I have done no revison because of constantly worrying abut acne. Anyway I will post any changes in about three months time

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