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Finished 1St Month Of Retin-A 0.05% And Benzoyl Peroxide 5%

Ok, the last two weeks I had a little little worsening of the situation, with a lot and big new pimples but now the situation is returned as before. Now I decided to stop using Benzoyl peroxide for a while, to see if my red marks disappear without its use (because I have heard that benzoyl peroxide could prolong red marks.. and maybe it's right)

I will buy a clindamycin cream to contrast its absence.

In realty, when I stopped to use benzoyl peroxide before the summer my red marks disappeared and when I used again benzoyl peroxide in September my red marks and acne in general returned.

Let's see what happens without benzoyl peroxide.

I will continue to use Retin-a , Benzoyl peroxide cleanser 1% and Bioderma's Sebium hydra as moisturizer.

Let's hope.

Thank u for following me.


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