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I'm Back - Unfortunately



Sad to say, I am having a very hard time with hormonal cystic acne around my mouth. My acne was mainly cleared for awhile, I would only break out around my period. It would be one pimple that was completely manageable. January 2014 I decided to lose some weight. I lost 13 pounds eating mainly Paleo and weight lifting. February, skin was ok. I went off the diet kinda. March 2014 my face exploded with cysts. Painful ones. I have been back on Doxy 50mg 2x a day and a new regimen of vitamins. I think I need to go back on BCPs and possibly try Spiro. Strict paleo diet was too hard to stay on. I don't have too much dairy or bread. I have been eating brown rice. Maybe I should stop lifting; that could be raising my testosterone levels. Stress sucks. I really think I cannot handle any bit of stress at all without breaking out.

Just started this week:

Doxy 50mg 2 x a day


3000mg of Evening Primrose Oil

600 ALA

4000 vitamin D

1 Probiotic

1 Stress B Complex

Cod Liver oil

I want to order some fermented cod liver oil soon and try that.


Recommended Comments

I take spiro and I can honestly say I think it is working. I think you could try it. I am on 50mg/day. I want to go higher but I have to wait to make sure I don't get any side effects. I also use tretinoin, benzaclin and topical clindamycin. So far I have had one breakout since I started spiro and stopped amoxicillin. I think you have a good regimen. Let us know how it goes if you decide to start spiro. You'll take a blood test most likely two during the first 30 days. I had blood drawn and tested twice. Kinda like accutane in that regard. Best wishes! Peace!

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Thanks for the well wishes! I have an appointment on Tuesday with my dermatologist. I am going to discuss going on Spiro. The last month has been devastating to my self esteem. I have to get some control over the breakouts.

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Thanks. I hope it gets better soon as well. I haven't broken out like this in years. It's really painful. I am hoping a dairy free, gluten free diet along with Spiro, maybe BCPs, Doxy, vitamins, and moderate exercise will get it under control again.

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Hey Fangirl! I actually experienced my increase in Testosterone from my heavy lifting routine, I was doing preparation for bikini bodybuilding competition and was also pretty much paleo and started having persistent hormonal acne. I've been on Spiro since 12/30, doxy and also Yasmin since Jan and finally seeing some consistent results. I wish you the best in your journey, I know how frustrating it can be. I would suggest if you have put your body under stress from weight loss and training to ease back from any heavy lifting if you feel it is affecting you adversly. I had to take a break and now focus on yoga, barre and more aerobic activities until I have everything under control.

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Hey CarpeMomentum

Thanks for the advice about the lifting. I wish it didn't aggravate my skin because I like the added muscles. I think I will back off a bit with the lifting and the diet and see if it gets better. It makes me frustrated that other woman can lift so heavy and have no skin problems! Damn testosterone ! I just got a script for Spiro today. 50mg a day. I see my gyno next month and I will ask about Yaz.

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