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Six Months On The Pill



Last year, my acne was awful. I was on oral and topical antibiotics and Tazorac, which did nothing but burn the shit out of my skin.and the tetracycline oral antibiotics gave me stomach issues. I also went on a no-dairy diet which actually helped a little. (I still avoid dairy). Despite all this, I STILL had acne. During the summer, I started looking into birth control. I knew my acne had to be hormone related because topicals did next to nothing for my skin, and my breakouts mainly occurred on my jawline and chin where hormonal acne is most common. In September, I went to a new dermatologist and she immediately suggested birth control. She referred me to a gynecologist who put me on Microgestin 1/20 FE tablets and two months in, my skin was almost completely clear.

Since I've been taking the pill, my skin is SO much less oily and I hardly ever break out. My period used to be long and heavy (5-7 days, horrible cramps and backaches, and bleeding through ultra tampons...gross) and now it's like 3 days, lighter, and way less painful. I also don't have the horrible mood swings I used to get. It's helped my hormonal issues SO much. If anyone is experiencing the kind of acne I had, I really recommend going on the pill. Since my skin has cleared up, I'm so much more confident. Acne seriously impaired my social skills, and now I'm not afraid to meet new people or go for job interviews. I'm way happier than I've ever been


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I recently switched to hormonal treatment however due to my age 39 and fluctuating blood pressure I am not a good candidate for an estrogen birth control pill. However, I have stopped antibiotics and started spironolactone which as I am sure you know, supresses testosterone. So far my skin is way less oily and I have had one minor IB which quickly cleared once my spiro was doubled. Peace!

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How long until you started seeing Any results? And was there an initial breakout

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