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Okay, so recap--

I am only 3 weeks into Accutane, but I started at a pretty medium dosage (30mg once/day). Then after a couple of weeks, I bumped up to 30mg once/day on odd calendar days and 60mg once/day on even calendar days. I think it might have been a bit too much too soon for my skin, and I had an initial breakout (which was made a lot worse by my hormones going crazy too).

Before my initial breakout:

  • Pores were much more visible
  • Tons of blackheads on nose and surrounding it
  • Blackheads on chin coming up
  • Dryness on face
  • Dry lips
  • A bit of dry scalp (fixed with head and shoulders shampoo, conditioner, and Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner. Only washed every 2 days)

    Initial Breakout 2 Weeks Ago
    I had 2 big red marks on each cheek and last week I kid you not---my skin looked awful. So bad I really didn't want to go outside in public or slap on makeup just to make things worse. I pretty much stayed indoors, worked, and continuously applied moisturizer and aquaphor to the spots for a couple days. Sucky situation--but that's acne- life sometimes.

    This is what I did this week to fade the red marks:

    • Wash face with CeraVe hydrating cleanser
    • Moisturize face with CeraVe moisturizer

      • Dab just a few dots of concealer on the pinkish-red marks and a bit of powder to conceal them


      [*]Wash face with CeraVe hydrating cleanser

      [*]Moisturize face with CeraVe moisturizer

      [*]Apply Aveeno Clear Complexion moisturizer to spots and then EITHER neosporin/ aquaphor on top

      [*]OR apply hydrocortisone cream and aquaphor on top of that to seal in the moisture.

      Decided to Stick with 30mg/day for a While

      Under my dermatologist's directions--I have not been taking Accutane for 3 days to let the healing work a bit better. Today, I felt the marks had healed well enough (they're light pink and fading very well) to take 30mg with a big breakfast.

      I am going to stay on 30mg once/day for this entire week and until I see my dermatologist. While it sounds great to up the dosage and be done faster, I would like to AVOID bad flare ups. I had the somewhat exciting part of Accutane happen today when I had one pore that had always felt clogged come to a head overnight, so I didn't even have to worry/poke at it, I just applied a medium/hot cloth and gently pressed and the pore unclogged. Gross, but true.

      Right Now

      Right now all I'm really dealing with is 2 fading medium pinkish marks (one on each cheek) and a couple tiny, tiny, tiny red marks on one cheek. Knock on wood--but yay.

      If I stay on 30mg once/day for a while I am fairly confident like last time I took Accutane that my skin will clear out the pores and then get better. I may get a zit here and there, but with applying toner and letting them just be, they usually would go away within a day or so.

      General Advice:

      [*]At the beginning of Accutane--try your BEST not to mess with blackheads coming to the surface. Don't use a pore scrub. Consult your dermatologist if they're really bothering you. Ones I messed with never actually unclogged and I just broke the skin and it took 3* as long to even heal.

      [*]DRY LIPS are solved with Carmex (to heal them) and Aquaphor Healing Ointment on top (to seal in moisture). Seriously. I swear by it. If you go to Walmart, you can get a 1.75 ounce tube, which is exactly what you want. Your derm can also give you mini tubes the size of a chapstick for carrying around!

      [*]DRINK A TON OF WATER. Accutane dehydrates you, your body, and your pores. You need to drink a ton of water to keep your skin hydrated (lessening dryness) and to flush out the toxins the Accutane is releasing from your pores. Try to keep track of the # of glasses you're drinking daily. The normal person needs 8/9 glasses per day. I try to drink 10-12 on Accutane.

      [*]Be patient and when you get down, post on here or check out other peoples' blogs. It really does help to get advice & talk with others. Acne can make you feel alone, and it's great to know that there really ARE other people dealing with acne and going through some of the exact same things as you are.

      [*]It's hard--but let yourself get up, get ready, and then go about your day. Don't stress and don't worry if you'll have a new pimple later or not. Drinking tons of water throughout the day might make you feel better because each time you do--you'll remember that you're doing everything you possibly can to help the process of Accutane and the goal of clear skin.


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