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I Am Losing Some Hair ( Hair Loss ) Day 16



Well, starting two days ago I notices when I touch my scalp I take some hair follicles with it. This is very upsetting and I dont know If I should continue taking Amnesteem (Generic version of Accutane ).


1) Skin slightly improved


1)Chapped lips

2)Itchy scalp

3)Hair loss

hmmmm... Any ideas?


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Try head and shoulders for your itchy scalp--get the shampoo and conditioner separate. I know you're a guy, but seriously take some of the conditioner and massage it into your scalp and hair when you shower. Try it out and maybe don't put it all over your head every shower, but do every other one. It really works!

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Head and shoulders will not help with hair loss. Read about hair loss experiences while on accutane. Some people do not recover from it very soon. If you have predisposition to baldness then it gets even harder to get back your hair. It took me 2 years to recover from accutane hair loss. For me, accutane did not even help at the end anyway so all was a waste. I use the regimen and it is not making me bald, not to mention I have clear skin now. Good luck with your decision:) If I were you, I'd quit.

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