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So just a little update-

Yesterday was kind of a weird day for my skin. I picked at my blackheads that were pushing out and i will NEVER do that again. My skin was so red and irritated and basically just hurt and it looked pretty awful so I put on make up for the rest of the day to hide the red marks i created. I also now have a small cystic on my cheek. It's not very noticeable but i hope it goes away soon. Other than the red marks, blackheads, and that cystic I was smooth.

So that was yesterday, but today i am alot better, My skin is still tender but the red marks went away and blackheads are less noticeable. I still have the small cystic and if it doesnt go away soon i'll just get it injected at my dermatologists office. This morning i used honey on the areas where i have the most blackheads and just pat it on those areas for a few minutes and then rinse it off with warm water, and i have found that it helps lessen the amount and appearance of the blackheads alot and it is also gentle and doesnt irritate my skin, so maybe if anyone is having this blackhead problem, give that a try!

I still have those indents in my skin and people are starting to notice them :( Has anyone ever experienced something like this? They aren't scars, just indentations in my skin that almost look like scars. It's so weird. My boyfriend now calls me his "little denty head" yay :/ Ugh hopefully they pop back out soon because they looks so silly! Way better than a pimple though i suppose.

My skins not oily at all anymore and its pretty nice. Normally i would use one of those oil absorbing sheets like 2 hours after taking a morning shower and it would be drenched in oils. Now, not even a drop.

I've cut out all topicals and I only use cetaphil wash and then moisturize with Cerave.

Still trying all random chapsticks, but i need something on my lips 24/7.

Also still taking the antibiotic. I just dont feel comfortable going off it yet.

Also !!!!!!! I got a tattoo yesterday. I know i reall shouldn't while being on accutane but i love tattoos and i couldn't resist any longer!

let's hope it heals nornally (:

Hoping things keep looking up! almost 30 days !!! hope everyone is doing well (:

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eek, I'd be nervous about the tattoo--ask your derm if you should put something extra on it so that it heals normally. I'd say maybe a coat of mederma or something?

I'd suggest for lips carmex to heal them and then aquaphor over that to seal in moisture!

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