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Accutane: Week 2



Time is certainly moving quick -- even though I still wish my skin would clear up overnight! I can tell that it is trying to, so that's good at least.

I don't have much to say this week other than that I can tell the accutane is kicking in. My pores are definitely more visible....it's like all the bad is trying to leave which I could not be more excited about. I have a little more break outs than I've had in a while, but I keep telling myself that it will get better.

After I posted my first week update, I caught a cold and was really achey. I thought that it was the accutane causing all of my symptoms, but luckily it was not! Just a cold I caught from someone, and I got over it pretty fast.

Here's what's going on this week:

-My pores are more visible

-Some breakouts in places I haven't had in a while

-Dry nose/above mouth (due to my cold...accutane didnt help either)

-Dry lips

My skin overall isn't that dry! I've just noticed that my t-zone is mostly where the dryness is. The lotion is working tremendously as is my lip regime.

No complaints this week :) Hope it stays this way.


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