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Day 68

Trying not to be too mopey........I guess there is some progress? I dunno. I feel like not a lot has changed since day 1 of Spironolactone. My skin gets better, then way worse, then better again, then it's red, not red, producing cysts, not producing cysts, breaking out in tiny pimples, perfectly smooth, oily, dry.......without any rhyme or reason. It's so frustrating. My break-outs seem to have no correlation what-so-ever to what I'm doing as treatment.

Skin is pretty smooth today, but still producing some pretty big cysts. I'm also having more issues than usual with hyperpigmentation--some pimples that went away like, a month ago still have red marks that are just as inflamed as they were weeks ago. :/

I'm seeing my dermatologist on April 10th, which will be 82 days on Sprio, and he'll decide whether to continue on, go up a dose, or quit. I'm not feeling very hopeful--he's already said that if Spiro doesn't work, there's literally nothing else he can do. We've exhausted every treatment but Accutane, and I can't do Accutane. *sigh*

I know Spiro is supposed to take awhile, but the issue is that with my genetic condition, my body doesn't react the way it's supposed to with most things. Awhile back, I was on a medication that was supposed to kick in within 3 months--I felt the effects the first day I took it. Other meds that were supposed to kick in within 2 weeks......never did, not even 4 months later. My doctor says that despite problems with elevated hormones, Spiro may never work for me just because my body doesn't metabolize things normally.

Call me whiny, but I wish I could just wash my face with BP and have clear skin like most other people I know. I hate feeling like I'm constantly battling my body. My health has been getting in my way for years now and it's such an uphill battle.

BUT I'm trying to stay positive now. And my mood always goes up reading supportive comments from leanna123 and CarpeMomentum. Thanks guys. :)


75 mg Spironolactone

Clearasil Face Wash

Cetaphil SPF 30 Oil Control Moisturizer


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Girl I can't even tell you how many ups and downs I have had these past 90 days. Man I seriously wanted to throw in the towel. Like just give up. Dig really deep, find something that can be your strength, friends, family, reading, god if you are religious, meditation, just something that you can focus on a little bit each day outside of this horrid dreaded acne. Nothing in this life is permanent, even acne. These troubled times will make you stronger in the end, they suck for sure, but please hang in there. So many women waited and waited months for things to finally balance out and I can't imagine how hard it was. I was just where you were around that time and less than 30 days later I can tell you things can get better. Just take one day at a time.

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