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Final Diet



Hello I ' ve learnt a lot of what causes my acne.

This is my final diet plan and I am posting it here because i keep cheatin with junk and then breaking out.

Morning- coarse oats with water 40g of oats. Low gi/ low carb

Snack- apple-l low gi not highly acidic food

Lunch: Brown long grain rice 65g , any veg except high iodine veg like spinach/cabbage/broccoli- in moderation. Meat only chicken- in moderation and no spice. Fish - only salmon- plentiful amounts. Higly alkaline veg: nightshade, any other veg lying around.

Afternoon: 1 rich tea biscuit- and pear or other low gi fruits.

Snacks: seeds - pumpkin not all the time cuz of lack of money available.

Beverages: Water - 8 glasses a day

I might actually not eat the one rich tea biscuit because then i get a sugar rush and end up eating ten

I cheated quite a lot this week which is why I am psoting this here . I ate a whole lot of white bread, instant oatmeal, 15 biscuits and am breaking out bad. Yeah I know I am an idiot.

For some people nightshade veg triggers acne so this might not work out for eeryone also citrus breaks some people out. But I do think a carb resticted diet for acne suffers is essentil

Foods I dont eat:


High GI/ high carb- Chick peas/ legumes- limited , sugary food, junk, white rice, white potatoes, carrots in moderation- they are good but in moderation due to high sugar. white bread or bread in general

Gluten- limited

Fried- gavecysts

Spicy- pustules for some reason. Look into Chinese/ Ayurvedic treatment of acne.

High iodine- cystic acne in places- some people say iodine results in a skin purge but no thank you. a purge that leaves me with cystic acne on my back, chest and face and cause pain at the slightest touch in those places is not for me.

DIARY- all of it eggs, chocolate , milk- worst acne ever: cysts deeep pustules/ so much pain. Added hormone/ lactose intolerance cause acne.

No caffeine- tea coffee- increases insulin reistance - cause blood sugar levels to rice- therefore increases likelihood of breaking out from carbs

Fruit and veg: iodine rich sources, high gi fruits e.g cantoloupe , melon, orange, also kiwi- trigger allergy of some kind in me.

Anyway wish me luck. I start tommorrow and i will update in 2 weeks.

Topicals: ura ursi, liquorice extract, lemon juice for facial hyperpigmentation. Leave on overnight, After two months switch to apple cider vinegar or aloe vera plant gel. Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil every day overnight for hyperpigmentation on back and chest as well as existing acne. Sea salt wash twice a week. Lemon juice on back once a week for scars.

Shampoo: Baking soda and water . And then apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil conditioner.

Soap - pure perfume colour free soap.twice a day.


Recommended Comments

Also I just wanted to say Please dont drive yourself mad with acne, thats what i did. If you are planning to go paleo or reduce carb intake reduce it slowly especially if your a girl.

IAcne honestly drove me mad, I stopped eating so many foods even apples cuz it would be a new cyst papule pustulles caking my skin

There was a significant drop in calorie intake which resulted in me haing no period for two month- okay this migh see like too much info lol but its important. Healthy menstruation is important, getting a few spots pre period is normal. I started stressing more about not haing a period cuz there was no chance of being pregnant- asian parents would kick me out lol. But it makes sense now- reduction in calorie intake . I should have realised before- people with eating disorders do not regular normal periods.

My progesterone levels are low as well because of cutting out the dairy, this means there is excees androgen testosterone as well. I am now trying to eat vitamin c rich foods, zinc and magnesium. Also the depression from other factors as well as acne made me stay inside, lack of exercise also caused low progesterone.

So please dont stress dont let acne make you mad.

Just minimise junk i mean i can eat 3 biscuits but i guess the sugar rush kicks in and makes me want more so now i avoid.

Also if you are going paleo or low carb do it slowly. I mean I just went one day 2 slice of bread and rice etc to tablespoon of rice being my only carb source. Our body needs carbs just limit though to a near 120 g a day I would day. I am now trying to keep my calorie intake steady.


Sorry this is so long

Yesterday I visited the gp I talked to how dairy/ gluten was giing me stomach pains, acne, kp. All she would do was recommend me topicals. I mean she wouldn't even let me do a blood test for allergy. Why do they do that. Why is it that they don't try to resolve the problem internally?

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Alsi I forgot to say that i lost 5kg in a month from carb restriction . Before all the acne diet I was 52/53kg then it dropped to 47kg . My height is 158cm and my bmi of 19 ish suggests I was underweight.

I am now 50 kg with a bmi of 20 which is normal.

Anyway I really hope i can get rid of my acne throgh this diet which is the safer way.

I was reading someone else post on the paleo . I cant rememeber who it was, but a no carb/legume diet eradicated his acne but he felt tired, less enegetic and unmotiated. He then left the paleo diet completely. His acne came back but i thinks he's usiing topicals to control it.

So High carb= acne

VeryLow/ no carb: less energy, menstruation problems, fatigue.

So minimising is therefore key .

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I find this whole topic fascinating. I have never been able to control my acne through diet. I hope this works for you. I eat a diet low in sugar, homemade bread, organics whenever possible and no candy or ice cream, sodas made with sugar etc... I am now on hormone treatments and since I added a moisturizer back to regimen I haven't been doing all that well. But the alternative was a dry scaly face. I can't win :(

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