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Accutaneanonymous #3



Day 33

Hi! It's been a while since I've blogged, so sorry about that!I typically write when I'm sad or down, and I am extremely happy to say since my last post, I haven't had those feelings at all! I've only just started my second month of Accutane and I have seen great results! About 97% of my acne that I started this treatment with has went away! Although I still get new ones, to me they are not as bad as what I started with. It doesn't hurt to touch my face anymore! My forehead, which didn't have any blemishes to begin with, feels so soft and smooth like a baby's bottom! (Haha i just wanted to slip that in there, but for real, it feels better than it did before treatment) This also goes for around my nose and the small surrounding area. ,

As for my trouble zones, my skin no longer feels bumpy and coarse, but those areas are also smooth--just with acne here are there. At this point, I could probably count all of my pimples on my finger and toes, which is quite an accomplishment and I definitely could not say that when I first started. Maybe I could say that with 3 or 4 people's fingers and toes.

Now, while I have been feeling incredibly optimistic, there are still issues. For example, I am still dealing with the scarring. With every pimple that has came and gone, each has left me a little gift in the form of a scar, or "pit." LITERALLY, even the smallest ones that I couldn't feel have left a scar. While it is MUCH better than having the actual pimple there, its something to note. I have been using concealer which helps hide them, but I think I need to splurge for the higher quality makeup products.

Also, something else that has been bothering me, is that the large cysts that I had/have on my jawline, and I new one new my mouth following my cheekbones continue to live on my face. There has been two areas of cysts that have been there FOREVER, like can you please evaporate already??? While they do not hurt at all, the one on my cheek looks like this huge red mark, and its constantly drying and flaky and just unaesthetic.

In between my second and third post, I did have rather troubling issues with skin dryness. My lips are constantly dry, so that is nothing new, but my skin would burn super bad after applying moisturizer once I got out of the shower. That happened for a few days, and has since not been as extreme. I do have to moisturize my surrounding mouth area, sometimes there are white flakes, but its nothing I can't solve.

I would like to talk about a few circumstances that have come up in my life that have affected others on Accutane. I recently went to the eye doctor for a routine eye exam, hoping to get another pair of glasses. I wear my glasses daily and its super hard to keep them clean and in tip top shape, so I look forward to this, especially since I cannot wear my contacts anymore. Well, my eye doctor had suggested Lasik. Now, I have read up on that, and I knew the "rule of thumb" that you definitely should NOT get Lasik while on Accutane treatment, because of the dry eye issue and wound healing complexities. I brought up the fact that I was on this medication, and she told me that it shouldn't be an issue and to go ahead with a free Lasik consult. Let me tell you, I was dumbfounded, confused, and shocked. Even though the literature and testimonials said the COMPLETE OPPOSITE, my eye doctor told me to proceed. I went home that day skeptical, but deciding to go along with the consultation (with another eye doctor, mine does not specialize in Lasik). I contacted the coordinator, and before I scheduled my consult, I asked her, IN ADVANCE, thinking, "oh she works in this specialty, she may know or know how to find out for me." I am trying to study for the CPA exam and I am tired of medical professionals (from pharmacists to dermatolgists and MORE eye docs) wasting my time. Well, she did talk to the doctor, and told me he would discuss it with me at the appointment, but I should be okay as long as I am a Lasik candidate. Once again, my mind was blown. I had TWO PROFESSIONALS tell me I would be okay, so naturally I start to believe the idea, and I got my hopes up that I could get this procedure done. So I go to the consult, go through the numerous tests, including eye dilation which sucks and screwed me up for the rest of the day. The doctor deems me a candidate and we start talking about scheduling the surgery in April. At the end of the appointment he asks me if I have any questions. So, I brought up Accutane again, because I still did not 100% believe it was safe for me to get this. The eye doctor tells me that the literature is "conflicting", and if anything I would need to be off Accutane for a week before. Now, this guy was just the pre and post op doc, and not the surgeon, so he tells me that he will email me later in the day to get the absolute answer. I told him I wasn't going to schedule the surgery until he knew for sure. Well....

I get an email a few hours later, while my eyes are STILL DILATED.I lost an entire study day, which is not cool. The doctor I met with that day talked to the surgeon, and the surgeon told me exactly what I knew ALL ALONG. They said I had to wait 90 days (which is less that what I had previously read online) before I could get Lasik. So, of course, I was pretty bummed. I don't even want to type, "I knew I was right." I'm not usually that type of person, but come on...I was right. Also, if I had not brought up this issue, imagine what could have happened to my eyesight? I wasn't necessarily concerned about the dryness (my eyes aren't really abnormally dry from accutane), but the wound healing would have been an absolute nightmare!

Something less serious than the potential permanent loss of my eyesight, would be alcohol. I went away for St. Patty's Day, and ran a 5K with my friends. I had a personal best of avg. 9:39 mile, and am looking to improve. So naturally, after a job well done we go drinking that night. I have read blogs about Accutane users having god-awful hangovers the next few days after a night out. So I decided to not take my second dose to keep what little natural hydration levels my body has while on Accutane. And I am happy to say, I had no issues whatsoever. I drank the usual amount, and performed my anti-hangover rituals, and woke up feeling great the next day!!!

So the moral of this post is to be informed about Accutane! Some people in my life (various MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS and family members) do not truly understand how big of a role Accutane can play in your life, beyond the "DONT GET PREGNANT" warnings.

and one point of advice for those going through this process is that it gets better! Even though I just started month 2, I have seen great improvement and I just hope it keeps continuing!



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You are lucky!!! I'm envious but happy for you, enjoy it! I'm on day 44 and it's def worse w new acne everyday .. I hope it can take effect soon enough like you..I'm on 80 mg per day

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