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Day 4 - Let's Hope This Works Out



4th day taking Bactrim DS, 1 tablet 2x day.

I made the mistake of making several changes to my regime, so now I have no idea what's caused my outbreak.

Here are some notes I took:

3/18 - Seems that the cysts are starting to clear up! I doubt it's the medication since I just started taking it 2 days ago. Maybe the sulfur soap is already helping?

3/19 - My dad was sent to the hospital. I visited him and they said he'll be fine. While I was in the room, there was another patient with a visitor, some lady, and she asked what was up with my dad because his condition gave him these weird hiccups. At some point, she brought up my acne and started telling me what I should do to clear it up because apparently it was that bad.. Washed my face later and it feels like the cysts are coming back..

Today: Yep. Washed my face in the morning and the cysts on my jawline were totally inflamed. It's starting to physically hurt again, even when I'm not touching my face. And I know I shouldn't have, but it looked so bad I ditched that Neutrogena Skin Clearing mineral powder I just got and applied a liquid foundation for more coverage..

Got home from school and dad was back, but he was asleep. Once he woke up he came up to me and told me that he wants me to see a new derm because "clearly she isn't doing a good enough job".

He means well, of course. According to my mom he had really bad acne when he was younger, and I guess he just doesn't want me dealing with it. But I don't think it's that my derm isn't doing a good enough job.

My first derm put me on Solodyn, and I took it for almost 2 years and saw pretty good results, but it gave me IIH. Switched to Zithromax by my second derm when the first one went on maternity leave, and, I don't know, maybe the BB cream I started using gave me the insane flare ups. Now I've just started Bactrim, and I'm hearing that it's amazing, so I'm really hoping this works out soon.

Like I mentioned before, I started washing with Sulfur soap when I started Bactrim, so who knows if it's actually helping or contributing to this inflammation.

My derm thinks I'm still using Cetaphil. I wonder if I should go back to it...

Also wondering if maybe Bactrim isn't working because I'm still on Diamox...

Anyways, here's the face:


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