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Week 15 50Mg



I'm 15 weeks in and I've come to the conclusion that although I no longer get oily skin or hair I'm still breaking out as much as I did, if not more, before accutane

I'm going on holiday tomorrow and I although I would like to just hide indoors I have to go and just deal with it, I have one active on my forehead and lots of healing wounds and dry peeling skin. I don't know if this is some kind of delayed initial breakout but I'm simply fed up and kind of beginning to think that accutane just isn't going to work for me for whatever reason

I've been trying my best to keep a positive attitude but its difficult when you've put your body through hell for absolutely no improvement whatsoever. I may lower my dose back down to 40mg soon and see it that does anything although I doubt it

I'm also coming down with a cold, oh happy days, so I generally feel run down but in terms of side effects I got a very bloody nose yesterday and my lips literally came off in the bath. Lastly, I have previously been using condoms and cycle charting as birth control but I decided to get a copper iud fitted just to make sure


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