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Two weeks ago (Day 154) I reported that the left side of my face was very clear while the right side was still "catching up". I have not had any [major] pimples on the left side of my face since writing that. The right side of my face has since had a pretty ugly breakout 1-2 big-sized pimples that are still healing.. One of them is a real eye sore, right in the middle of my cheek. It's in the middle of drying out right now. For once though, I don't even care. It doesn't bother me. I keep having the urge to squeeze it but I haven't! I'm a popper/picker so this has been a real challenge for me. Although it's a huge nasty thing, it will be almost gone by the weekend (today is Wednesday) and it's THE ONLY PIMPLE ON MY WHOLE FACE!!!! I'm feeling so hopeful lately. I just really, REALLY want to be clear for my wedding (in 6 months).


Okay, so I've become an absolute freaking professional at combatting dryness! My whole adult life I've been constantly blotting oil and trying to "mattify" my skin. It's a nice break to be doing the opposite. I have the absolute best routine right now and my skin is serisouly starting to look almost kinda pretty :) My routine is below... Anyways, aside from my newly glowing skin.. It has also been a little red lately. When I wake up in the morning it's fine. It seems to turn a little red around midday. When I say red I don't mean like a tomato. It's like a lovely blush red. I have always been a foundation & blush girl but lately I've been skipping the blush since I seem to be naturally blushing by lunchtime, lol..


So I've recently added a scar/pigment lightener. Now that I'm not breaking out for the most part (at least on half my face) I'm starting to attack those ugly hyperpigmentation spots that are left. Nast little things. Secondly, I've added pure 100% Vitamin E oil (the Jason natural brand) to my nightly routine. My face was getting really flaky and the Vitamin E oil has made this go away almost completely. I also figure it can't possibly hurt my scarring.



Clinique Superbalanced Liquid Foundation (just a little--that's it!)


Origins Checks & Balances Face Wash (pat dry)

Murad Spots/Pigment Lightening Serum (let air dry)

First Aid Beauty Ultra Healing Cream (let air dry)

Vitamin E Oil (I apply this just as I'm getting into bed. It feels gross but has kept the flakes at bay!)

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