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Full Log Of Accutane (Male 18 Y/o)



Hi guys, this is my first ever post on the internet which is pretty weird in addition to speaking about my acne. My current problem right now is acne which many of us unfortunately have. However i hear there is a miracle drug or so I'm hoping it will be, Accutane. Ever since I was in elementary to high school I never had HUGE problem with it, I just never paid attention I guess. I thought that by college it would be fine and dandy. I started breaking out recently but severely now with cysts. So i have decided that 2014 will be my best year due to the fact I will get on Accutane and lose the fear of waking up in the morning with acne as the first thought that goes through your head.

I'm probably the gym rat out of my friends, I love hitting the gym and transforming my body due to my devotion to the sport. I also love playing football so I am a pretty active guy. If it wasn't for acne my self confidence would be through the roof right now, probably cause me a bit of girl trouble. In high school, I never had a problem with acne that my confidence in speaking and talking to girls.... doing what true high school jock does. Until I started breaking out on a trip to Spain that turned horrendous, till then acne has completely changed my life, I dont even like to interact or make eye contact... very depressing but it won't matter a couple of months from now.

Anyways I went to my derm, she surprisingly prescribed me instantly which is kinda depressing but otherwise awesome because its a step closer to clear skin biggrin.png So now I wait till Monday or Tuesday for my medication.I will post every 2 weeks and complete my log.

Height: 6'0

Weight 190 lbs

Starting at 40mg then move my way up the mg ladder.




I know I said I would be updating in 2 weeks... but man do I need to vent. HOLY SHIT, its day 5 and my acne has gone from not that bad to fucking WW3 brow.gif

Not much to say on side effects other than a bit of chapped lips, however yesterday I lifted fairly heavy and my lower back seems to be a bit more sore than usual. Other than that, everything is going smooth except WW3 on my face and its only the start.. Fuck my skin genetics to the 10th degree. I feel good though knowing that at least it is doing its job. I just gotta keep going and man the fuck up.

Ill get back on this in a few days.

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DAY 14

So I said I would be posting my two weeks on Accutane 40mgs. Its gone pretty good, my left side of the face was terrible with my IB but has calmed down tremendously which Im psyched for however WW3 on my left side is still on and fierce to say the least, But seeing how fast and effective the left side of my face cleared up gives me a light at the end of my dark dark dark tunnel... The BEST thing happened to me the other day, usually after a full day of school and work, I would get home to an ocean of oil on my forehead and nose, now my face stays dry without any type of oil the entire day and night which believe me is the best feeling in the world.

Side effects.... Dry lips nothing major. Lower back soreness sometimes.... but thats it.

I will enter another entry asap.

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DAY 23

Whats up guys, my spelling might be a bit off, I had a couple drinks for my family members bday. ANyways I thought I should tell you guys that everything up to now is pretty normal. I cant wait to post on here and finally be able to say that 'Life is good'. Yet my face is still drying out and in the healing process. I should be going up to 60 mgs in a few days when I start month 2..

For now everything is the same dry lips and dry skin. Joints feel fine and only a bit of lower back pumps.

I will post again when I start month 2

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DAY 28

To those actually reading my blog entries...

I just came back from the derm and she said she would bump me up to 80 mgs because of my weight and size. I am pretty excited to go up so much just to see the accutane take its course... my acne has kinda been neutral minor actives not much of anything honestly.

Side effects... not much right now... dry lips and occasional back pain but I box and hit the weights so I think its pretty normal.

80 MGS here we go... smile.png

I'll post in another week or so.

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DAY 33

Hey guys, so I am 33 days in and man is time flying honestly I thought i would never get to this point lol. Slowly but surely I am getting over the big hump as they say and into the healing process. Like I said before, I have been bumped up to 80 mgs so my face is now starting to get much drier than usual and lips are basically fucked at this point but a bit of chapstick and that'll solve that problem.

Side effects.... not much dry skin and dry lips..

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**DAY 38**

Back here again for another update. I thought I should update today because today has been a pretty weird day to say the least. I took an afternoon shower after a quick workout and 5 minutes into the shower I started to bleed from my nose which is honestly rather common with me yet it was my first nosebleed on Accutane. Anyways I have been putting emu oil on my face overnight as I feel it really gives my skin back its life opposed to having dry ass skin.

Acne seems to heal but when I smoke herb which is often, sometimes I feel as if my acne and face get redder or flare up as well as my acne/acne scars seem to show more.. I don't know maybe if its because I'm baked or...??

Anyways I cant fucking wait till my face clears up... HIGH HOPES!


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