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Iodine - Trigger For Acne



i have been following a low gi, alkalising diet however i started eating a large amount of raw spinach and spinach as well as brocollit. The next day I woke up with cystic acne on my chest, face and back. I have had back acne on my face but not before on my chest. I then stupidly decided to squeeze the living sh*t out of it and have numerous wounds on my chest.

I did some research- high iodine contributes to acne raw spinanch has an higher amount of iodine than the cooked one . Spinanch is good for you so I will be taking this in a small amount, eating around 200g of spinach wasn't a clever thing to do.

Other changes include introducing herbs and spices such as dill, caraway seeds and cayenne pepper powder.

Cayenne- inflammatory

Dill- increase progesterone

Caraway seeds- just felt like it

Meal Plan

Morning: 1. Bread with tomato 2 OR Fruit.

Snacks: Pumpkin seeds

Drinks: Kettle water

Afternoon any of the following veg: Chopped peppers, brown rice 40g, tomato, carrots- one and a half, lentils, beetroot, cabbage, bell peppers, small amounts of sea vegetables eg spinach kale, aubergine, all beans - butter beans are good, salmon or chicken. Cayenne pepper powder cooked with meat

Caraway seeds -30g for general health

Evening:Any 2 of the following fruits: apples , plums cherries, berries- blackberries and raspberries, grapes and avocado

5g of dill at night


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