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A New Start

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I'm 23 And Worried About Wrinkles



I never tell anyone in my real life how badly I feel about my skin. I really wanted the tretinoin to work because after 12 years of drying out my skin I'm really worried I'll start to wrinkle in another two years. I know it might sound nuts but I think all the years of BP and other drying ingredients I didn't even know what my skin was like until recently.

My skin is now combination... Not oily. Who knew. I'm always thinking I need to moisturize more and exfoliate more because my skin does not look like the skin of a 23 year old. I look old.

Anyway I started spironolactone 50mg on Friday and while I'm waiting for that to kick in I'm planning to exfoliate the crap out of it. I'm planning on using some kind of gentle glycolic peel once a week and I salicylic acid toner during the week. Along with my non drying soap and lots of moisturizer. I'll probably look for one with some kind of retinol but I'm worried it will end up bad like tretinoin.


Retinol is very mild compared to tretinoin. I know because I have used both at different times. I have so much exfoliation with my BP it's amazing but it leaves my face red. I guess there is a price to pay for everything. I'd rather be red faced and have some wrinkles than a face full of zits. I'm just sayin'. I am sure you still look beautiful.

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So glad you started your Spiro and fingers crossed you have a good experience. I have been using Makeup Artists Choice peels- 25% Mandelic and 15% Salicylic and so far loving them. I may work up to some Lactic and Glycolic peels, I just need to focus on clogged pores first then smoothing and PIH, wrinkles. Mandelic is said to be more gentle on skin, a good place to start.

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Im thinking of starting chemical peels too. But those would also be hard to get. I know of a doctor who does them, who isn't acutally a dermatologist but I still feel better going to a doctor than doing it by myself. At least for the first time.

I feel like I've been getting way too many clogged pores lately, but it's so hard to find a toner in this country. It's also hard to find salicylic acid. You'd believe no one here has acne.

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Sorry that you have so much trouble finding products, we definitely have a lot of access here in the US and I should be very grateful. I'm not sure if you have Amazon.com or access to that, you could definitely start with a light version. I do agree going to a doctor's office for one would be a good start. My initial breakout on Spironolactone was a bunch of clogged pores that surfaced kind of suddenly. It's not something I really had a problem with or noticed, but I guess it is part of the purging stage. Got it get it all out so it can be gone for good. Areas that have cleared have done well staying cleared, it's just a lot a lot of pores! Keep up the fight :)

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Lol yeah... A lot of pores! I used to wish I had less. Anyway I do have access to amazon, it's just that shipping to the actual amazon (where I live) costs an arm and a leg so to speak. That's why I'm trying to find something here. I don't want to pay 50usd to ship something and not know if it will work or not. I'm thinking of trying the glycolic peel made by Avon since there're lots of women selling avon here and it has a lot of good reviews. I still want to try a professional one first though.

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