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Week 3



As mentioned in my previous entry, week 1 and 2 were absolutely terrible. Week 3 on the other hand started off really well. I still got some breakouts but there were small and did not bother me. My skin was still quite dry, but overall looking much better.

At the end of the week, I got 3 new pimples and I will admit I picked on 2 of them and now I have a lot of redness which looks really bad. I even declined an invitation to meet up with friends today because I was feeling so depressed about how I look.

It is really frustrating that as soon as I got hope and started to feel like my skin was improving, I was quickly let down again:(

I will continue with the Regimen and will post updates at the end of every week and hopefully one day I will achieve clear skin. I so desperately want it.


I think you need an antibiotic like amoxicillin or cephalexin. The Regimen only works for people who have very mild acne. Based on your descriptions of your face I think you need something stronger. I had SEVERE acne for years until I started amoxicillin and cephalexin. Now I am clear. I see a dermatologist doctor regularly, like once every 6 months. Right now I am also on spironolactone which is a hormonal regulator. It blocks cell's receptors to androgens.

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Thank you leanna123, for your feedback. I am planning to stick with the regimen for a few more weeks and see how it works as everyone says that it takes a few months for the system to really work. If I do not see any results after 3 months, I am planning on going to see a dermatologist.

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