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. The Regimen .



hi:) well its been 8 weeks now since I started using the regimen, and i would first like to explain in detail how it has been week by week or at what point I found an improvement. I will also discuss the products within the regimen.

in the first three weeks there was not much difference but I was determined to be persistent and knew that it was quite unlikely that my acne would disappear such a short amount of time. On the 4th and 5th week the breakouts were a lot less intense and disappeared faster than they used to and finally on the 6h week i was incredibly happy to see that the surface of my skin had become a lot clearer. Unfortunately, though i was so happy with the improvement to the rest of my face my chin would have at least a couple spots on it constantly and white bumps under the skin. This is because my skin, for some reason, on that particular region does not react well to the benzoyl peroxide. Though i still use the regimen today acne occurs whenever i use makeup which is quite rare. Even so it breakouts quite badly every time and takes a while to calm down. Ive tried Garnier Oil Free All in One Skin Perfector B.B Blemish Balm when i saw an improvement in my skin and needed some coverage for the scaring and though it was oil free and non-comedogenic it made my skin react badly.

I can say on the other hand that my skin had improved and although i am still having breakouts and am quite upset that it hasnt followed the 'what to expect' in a certain amount of time list, i haven't come so far just to give up on it now and will update regularly to track any further improvement

THE CLEANSER- it has a lovely light texture that glides over the skin very easiyl once made into a foam. It dries the skin out a bit but if you have combanation to oily skin like me, it is ideal. Though it does not have the power to get rid of the acne by itself it is a useful component in the system. if used in the morning it does also control to an extent any oiliness:)

THE BP(benzoyl peroxide) - as ive heard many others say this does sting within the first two weeks but because iv'e used it before( even up to 10%) it hurt a lot less by the 4th week. It does make your skin peel but i was aware of that and prepared because of previous use, but either way it is annoying that you have flackey skin e.g it makes i harder to apply makeup,s. It does work on the other hand in clearing and taking away that top layer of skin it seem also to take way any impurities and if you are suffering whit it that is where the next step proves to be very useful:)

THE MOISTURISER - It does do its job nicely. i found that two pumps was quite a lot so applied one pump, waited until it is almost completely dry and then applied another. it definitely helps in the morning if your off to school or work and controls the flakiness. i would say that it does seem to dry the skin on the other hand once dried and i might recommend purchasing something else that is still kind to your skin, if you have one that works for you then just use that in its place, as long as you still moisturise. You might find that it gives you a bit of a glow or tan to which i do not mind, its always nice to look a bit more tanned, specially if your quite fair skinned like myself!

p.s i hope this helped in some way:!) ( sorry its so long) my next post will be on what steps ( lifestyle) i have taken to try and improve my skin:)

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Great feedback! I am just starting my 5th week on the Regimen and my skin is incredibly dry and flaky :( I hope this will subside soon because it is so difficult to apply any type of make up on dry skin.

I find that I do still breakout, pretty much all the time but I guess it is all part of the process and while it may take 3 weeks for some cases to clear up, others may even take up to 3 months.

I hope we do get flawless skin soon :)

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