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Eureka!-I'm One Step Closer To Being 100% Clear!

So December 2013 I walzed into my uncoopertive doctor's office with a totally non-acne related problem. Just as my doctor was about to leave me she looked at me and said "Have you ever done anything about your acne?" Of course I go into a 10 minute detailed list of allllll the things I have tried since 2009. She merely looked at me, ignored everything I said, and said "Have you tried Benzoyl Peroxide?" Of course it ticked me off a bit because I mentioned it threeeeeee times in my list of medications and all three times it sucked. She merely shrugged and went to open the door. Then I said "THERE'S ONE THING I HAVEN'T TRIED AND WOULD LIKE TO TRY!" She looked confused and I told her I wanted to go on birth control. My family is totally against it but I just wanted to try one more thing before going on an angry rant and asking for accutane. So she gave me TriNessa.

It is March 14, 2014. The resuslts are MAGICAL. MAGICALLLLL I TELL YOU (i SHALL POST PHOTOS SOON). I hardly break out and if I do its because I wake up late sometimes and go to school with my face all dirty. >.> My face is almost clear and with the help of Herbalife's new Skin regime, my face looks better than it has in ages. I came across some photos from high school and quite frankly I treared up a bit. Those pictures HURT. But nothing feels better than touching my face and not having the Sierra Nevada growing on my face.

One side effect of BC is weight gain, duh. My family has approached me about this and I simply look at them and say "I'd rather be fat with clear skin, than skinny with a mountain range growing on my face." I mean, I'm working on losing weight but that's another problem for another site. ahaha.

So yeah, just wanted to update you all on my wonderful results with birth control :D Sorry for the long rant!


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